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9345 Diablosport Trinity T2 EX Platinum Programmer Fits Dodge / Ram / Chrysler

Trinity 2 EX for Dodge/Ram Platinum (CMR Custom Tune Capable)The T2 Platinum is the go-to performance product for the vehicle owner that wants amazing Diablo tunes and power right out of the box, and the ability to use custom tunes down the road as the vehicle is modified with other aftermarket parts  If you have a relatively stock ride right now, the T2 Platinum will work perfectly right out of the box, however, if you have upgrades like forced induction, motor work or headers, then the CMR tuning capability built into the T2 Platinum gives you the ability to get a custom tune written specifically for your ride.  We have hundreds of CMR custom tuners all across the country that can build tunes for you in person or by using the industry-leading data logging features in the T2 Platinum.  Now your T2 can grow with you as you modify your ride!Trinity 2 For Dodge/Ram Gas Cars, Trucks & SUVsBuilding additional horsepower on Dodge/Ram vehicles is second nature here at DiabloSport.  We pioneered tuning the V6 and Hemi V8 cars, trucks, and SUV’s.  The Trinity 2 takes that legacy of tremendous performance increases and improves on it with never before offered monitoring features, data logging, and control.  The T2 improves upon the original Trinity in about every way possible.  T2 is much more sleek, easier to navigate, and comes with a huge  5″ capacitive-touch screen, which provides a cell phone like experience with highly reactive touch recognition and swipe functionality to go between gauges or to scroll through menus.  The T2 also features a backup camera video input, simplified HDMI style connector and improved expandability options for future accessories.T2 for Dodge/Ram Gas TruckThe Dodge/Ram gas powered trucks and SUVs are powerful multi-use vehicles right off the showroom floor.  They are a great choice for daily driving, towing your toys to your favorite weekend spot or for all-out performance.  We’ve been tuning the Hemi for years and we’ve got it down to a science.  We improve low end torque, mid-range acceleration, and top-end power.  T2 tuning can help you tow that boat up tough grades just or help you achieve a new personal best ET at the track.  The T2 is the upgrade your Ram needs to go to the next level of performance and monitoring. T2 for Dodge/Chrysler CarDodge has done an incredible job reigniting the idea of the American muscle car.  The Challenger and Charger exemplify true American MOPAR power.  Chrysler 300C and the Magnum are also high performance cars and part  of the American car performance story.  DiabloSport has been leading the way with performance tuning for these powerful rides with tuning that is designed to thrill.  Now, the T2 takes that to a new level with unprecedented monitoring and data logging capabilities on its impressive display.  However, the performance tuning that has made DiabloSport a MOPAR household name is still fully ingrained in the T2.  Whether you’ve got a 3.6L V6 or a 6.2L supercharged Hellcat, the T2 is the best performance accessory you can get for your ride, without exception.Supported ApplicationsMakeModelEngineFromToChrysler2003.6L20112014Chrysler3003.5L / 3.6L 5.7L / 6.1L / 6.4L20052014Chrysler300 (Requires Modified PCM)3.6L / 5.7L / 6.4L20152017*ChryslerAspen5.7L20072009ChryslerPT Cruiser GT2.4L Turbo20032006ChryslerSebring2.7L / 3.5L20082010DodgeAvenger2.7L / 3.5L / 3.6L20082014DodgeCaliber SRT42.4L Turbo20082009DodgeChallenger3.5L / 3.6L / 5.7L / 6.1L / 6.4L20052014DodgeChallenger (Requires Modified PCM)5.7L / 6.4L2015*2017*DodgeChallenger (Requires Modified PCM)3.6L2015*2016*DodgeChallenger Hellcat (Requires Modified PCM)6.2L Supercharged2015*2017*DodgeCharger3.5L / 3.6L 5.7L / 6.1L / 6.4L20052014DodgeCharger (Requires Modified PCM)5.7L / 6.4L2015*2017*DodgeCharger (Requires Modified PCM)3.6L2015*2016*DodgeCharger Hellcat (Requires Modified PCM)6.2L Supercharged2015*2017*DodgeDakota4.7L20082011DodgeDurango5.7L20052014DodgeDurango (Requires Modified PCM)3.6L / 5.7L2015*2016*DodgeDurango4.7L20062006DodgeDurango4.7L20082009DodgeDurango3.6L20112014DodgeMagnum3.5L / 5.7L / 6.1L20052008DodgeNeon SRT42.4L Turbo20032005DodgeRam4.7L20112013DodgeRam3.6L / 5.7L / 6.4L20032014DodgeRam 1500 (Requires Modified PCM)3.6L / 5.7L2015*2017*DodgeRam 2500/3500 (Requires Modified PCM)6.4L2015*2016*JeepCommander4.7L / 5.7L20062010JeepGrand Cherokee4.7L20062006JeepGrand Cherokee4.7L20082009JeepGrand Cherokee (Requires Modified PCM)5.7L2015*2017*JeepGrand Cherokee3.5L /3.6L / 5.7L / 6.1L / 6.4L20052014JeepWrangler3.8L / 3.6L / 4.0L20052014JeepWrangler (Requires Modified PCM)3.6L2015*2017*
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