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Bak Industries BAKFlip FiberMax Hard Folding Tonneau Cover 1126203

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The BakFlip FiberMax tonneau cover takes the hard folding tonneau cover to a whole new level of performance, durability, and style. Bak Industries has made several models of the BakFlip cover over the years and the FiberMax is the pinnacle of all their research and development. The Fibermax truck bed cover has several key features that set it above other covers on the market. With this cover you get a flush hinge system that allows less dust, snow, water, or other debris from penetrating the seams. Since the Fiber Max BakFlip folds all the way up and gives you full bed access, Bak has added beefed up rubber bumpers to give your paint, cab & window protection from shifting cargo. The fiberglass reinforced polymer top of the panels ensures that you won't pick up dings or dents, unlike other covers.
Bak has designed the FiberMax to be as consumer-friendly as possible and so they added rail guides which automatically set the height and direction of your side rails so your cover looks just like a professional mounted it, even if it's the first cover you've ever put on a truck! For those times when you need your full bed open and your window clear, Bak has given the FiberMax tonneau cover a quick release system, allowing you to take your tonneau cover on or off in seconds.


  • Fiberglass reinforced polymer top that prevents dents
  • Flush hinge system
  • New buckle system secures cover in open position
  • UV resistant for long-term durability
  • 100% bed access with cover opened
  • Quick-release attachment system
  • Rated up to 300 pounds of evenly distributed weight
  • 2 Year Warranty

30-day money-back guarantee
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2009-2011 Dodge Ram 1500, 6'4" Bed

2012-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 w/o RamBox, 6'4" Bed

2010-2011 Dodge Ram 2500, 6'4" Bed

2012-2018 Dodge Ram 2500 w/o RamBox, 6'4" Bed

2010-2011 Dodge Ram 3500, 6'4" Bed

2012-2018 Dodge Ram 3500 w/o RamBox, 6'4" Bed

Warranty Statement
BAK® Industries (“BAK”) warrants your BAKFlip Fibermax Tonneau Cover Overview to be structurally free from defects in material and workmanship for 2 Year Limited Warranty period from the retail date of purchase. Warranty registration must be on file and/or proof of original purchase (detailed and dated receipt) required for warranty service. Warranty is nontransferable and applies to the original purchaser of the BAK product only.

BAK reserves the right to determine whether a product needs to be repaired or replaced. No labor or service allowance is given or implied. The warranty will be void if the product has been damaged by accident, unreasonable use, neglect, improper service/installation/removal, modifications, acts of God or normal wear and tear or other causes not arising out of defective materials or workmanship. BAK assumes no liability for injury, loss, incidental or consequential damages. BAK reserves the right to substitute an entire replacement system or provide other remedies than those listed in this warranty for discontinued products or other reasons. Shipping charges will apply for any repair or replacement.

BAK is committed to providing you with our best service at all times. Please feel free to contact us should you require any assistance with your BAK product.

Care and Maintenance

BAK Flip tonneaus are made from durable materials and require simple care to ensure a long life of performing well and looking great.

Cleaning the Top (Washing)

Standard automotive soap and water with a soft sponge or cloth is recommended for cleaning. Shammy dry to keep the finish polished and brilliant. Wax is NOT recommended as it tends to fill in cracks and crevices, which may affect the textured panel finish. Do NOT use any harsh cleaners or abrasives.


It is recommended that you periodically check your cover is securely attached to your truck bed. Inspect the clamps and front mounting bolts to ensure they were properly installed and have not come loose or knocked out of adjustment during operation. Covers that are used with high frequency or that are subject to the vibrations and impact from rough roadways can cause the cover to require adjustment.

Lubricating the Latches

It is recommended that you periodically inspect and service the latches on each panel. Clean away any excess dirt or grime and lubricate with silicone spray. Ensure the latches move freely in and out to properly engage the side rail and provide proper performance with optimum security. Be careful not to overspray the cover. Wipe away any excess around the latch location.