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Bedslide DeckMat Deck Liner BSA-DMAT

Dealer Part: BSA-DMAT
UPC: 856341006382

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BedSlide Soft Cushion Deck Mat

The Bedslide DeckMat gives your Bedslide a new soft cushion finish. Matches your BedRug bedliner. Comes fit for 8' Bedslides (95" models) with trim lines to cut down to 6.5' to 5.5' beds. Fit's 48" wide Bedslides standard. Fitment for smaller sized Bedslides is only available by trimming your length and width.


  • Exact measurement is 90"L x 45"W.

  • 100% polypropylene

  • Bleach, Battery Acid, Oil and Gas Wash Right Off

  • Will Not Absorb Water

  • Includes installation fasteners

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FREE Extended LIFETIME Warranty

BEDSLIDE® is offering an Extended LIFETIME Warranty on ALL 2016 Generation BEDSLIDES purchased after January 1st 2016 to the original BEDSLIDE® owner. This does not apply to custom built products.


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Not covered under warranty- Misuse, exceeding the respective weight capacity rating, corrosion to the steel frame caused by exposure to the elements, de-lamination of the deck due to water, fuel or chemical spills, alterations that modify the BEDSLIDE® design and function, improper installation, damage due to accidents, and/or lack of care and maintenance. WARRANTY ONLY COVERS THE ORIGINAL OWNER OF THE PRODUCT. WARRANTY DOES NOT TRANSER IF PRODUCT IS SOLD.



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For all BEDSLIDE® warranty claims contact the Authorized BEDSLIDE® dealer from which your purchase was made.


To start the warranty process you will need to provide the following pieces of information to properly process your claim. The information can be emailed to csr@bedslide.com or call 888.807.0099 for customer service.


BEDSLIDE® serial number (link to serial placement instructions)Valid proof of purchaseConfirms the date of purchase for warranty coverageConfirms you purchased from an authorized BEDSLIDE® DealerUnfortunately, without a valid form of proof of purchase the warranty is not valid.


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Please note:

All replacement parts ship direct from our manufacturing facility and the shipping method used is at BEDSLIDE’s discretion. Expedited shipping is available and the cost is to be covered by the original owner if he/she chooses expedited shipping of any parts.



All warranty repairs MUST be authorized by BEDSLIDE® prior to any repair being completed by an Authorized BEDSLIDE® Dealer. Unauthorized BEDSLIDE® repairs will not be covered under our warranty policy.


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