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Introducing Our Newest Project Vehicle: 2018 Dodge Ram 1500

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Who is da Parts Professor?

Hello, again, World.

I'm the Parts Professor, a.k.a. Dan Lesko. I've been working on cars since I was wee big and writing about stuff since I could pick up a pencil. So when I heard that Midwest Aftermarket needed a writer to share his intel about all things truck and Jeep, all I wanted to know was whether or not I would get to talk trash on Dodge trucks. Just playin', ya'll. I love our Ram.

For seriously, though, I love all things aftermarket and am a real DIY kinda guy. So having been changing oil, dropping trannies, and rotating my own tires for nearly two decades, I feel I have some experience that goes beyond shop class under my belt. Of course, shop class helped some too.

I really am a professor too. I teach English part time at a number of fine institutions across the state of Illinois. But lately that's taken a backseat to my writing of various reviews, articles, and blog posts for Midwest Aftermarket. Finally, I get to put my wordsmithing to use, and in the wild, nonetheless.

So why should you take me at my word?

I'm the kind of guy who when you ask me which product is better, I like to not only do the research, but also get hands on. Furthermore, I crunch numbers like a mother-trucker. So if you really want to know the difference between one set of step bars and another or a floor mat and a floor liner, you better believe I have read all the research and even added some first hand knowledge of my own. And I'll sum it all up for you in easy to read paragraphs with pictures and everything.

Finally, I've driven all of this fine land, in my retired '84 Chevy pickup truck. I've fixed her up when she broke down and took her off-road when she was feelin' good. You could say this, I suppose to sum it all up: "Truck is Life."


Your Parts Professor

P.S. That's Fan-Flippin'-Tastic!

Midwest Aftermarket Fleet

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