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DualLiner Truck Bed Liner

Looking for a complete truck bed liner that won’t break the bank but will protect your cargo and your bed from scratches, dents, and dings? Want a truck bed liner that can be installed by you, yourself, with ease, at home in your own garage? Concerned about spray in liners due to overspray and staining and fading? Need a truck bed liner that allows water to flow out of your bed through built-in drain holes, preventing mildew and mold? Well, we over at Midwest Aftermarket have the solution for you: the patented DualLiner bed liner system!

DualLiner is the only system that offers comprehensive protection of your truck’s bed without requiring professional install. The DualLiner system of 5 interlocking pieces is custom fit for your truck bed and so easy to install that even a child could do it--and they have a video to prove it! The patented ZeroSkid bed floor mat keeps your cargo and equipment in place and protected from sliding and scuffing. DualLiner’s “C” channel allows for easy install that requires no drilling at all nor a professional dealer to install it. Furthermore, unlike messy and prone to fade spray-in liners, DualLiner won’t fade nor damage your paint job. DualLiners can even be removed and reinstalled in a new truck that is the same make and model--meaning buying a new truck doesn’t necessarily mean ordering a new liner. All DualLiner systems even come with a full lifetime warranty that can be transferred to another person if you sell your truck or system. And these warranties last forever and don’t have any exclusions on “commercial use” or new owners, like the other guys do. Did we mention all DualLiners are made right here in the US of A by a family owned and operated enterprise?! Protect your truck’s bed today with DualLiner!

Special Features:

  • Custom Fit Side Walls and Tailgate Covers that Protect your Paint Job

  • “C” Channel Interlocking System that is Easy to Install Right at Home

  • Made Right Here in the US of A; Family Owned & Operated

  • So Easy to Install, even a Kid can do it

  • Patented ZeroSkid Bed Mat Keeps your Cargo Safe & in Place

  • DualLiner Directs Rain Water & Spilled Liquids through Existing Drain Holes

  • Waterproof and Designed to Protect your Truck Bed from All of Mother Nature’s Fury

  • Full Lifetime Warranty; Transferable if you Decide to Sell your Truck

  • Removable Truck Bed Liner that can be Reinstalled on another Vehicle

  • Versatile, Easy to Install, & Tough as Nails: DualLiner