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    Stampede VP Bug Shield

    A Hood Protector with Style: Camo, Clear, Smoke, Chrome, Carbon Fiber, and Even Pink Options?!

    If you’re looking for a bug shield or hood protector and you don’t want the typical chrome or smoke acrylic option, then the Stampede Vigilante Premium (VP, for short) hood protector might be for you. If you’re looking for a smoke or chrome bug deflector, the VP is still for you. Stampede’s VP line has lots of options as far as aesthetics are concerned, and each and every one of them will help protect your hood and windshield from bugs, rocks, stones, and various road hazards and debris. And did we mention the American Flag style version? Yeah, they have one of those too.

    Bullet Point Breakdown of the Stampede VP Hood Protector

    No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Stampede VP Hood Guard:

    • Protects your hood and windshield with added flare and style
    • Available in a variety of finishes from:
    • Clear acrylic
    • Smoke
    • Carbon fire
    • American Flag
    • Various camo patterns from Mossy Oak® & Realtree®
    • Resistant to scratches and dents / dings
    • Easy no drill install
    • Uses 3M tape for most install applications
    • Made from impact resistant acrylic material
    • Easy DIY Install
    • Ten different name brand camo styles available
    • Fits your vehicle exactly, custom for your year, make, model
    • Designed to block bugs and debris away from your hood and windshield
    • Easy to clean with featured stand away design
    • Made in the US of A
    • Right out of Lawrenceville, GA
    • Covered by Stampede’s one year warranty
    • High resolution graphics available for American Flag
    • High impact ABS material is super durable and built to last
    • Clear acrylic version blends seamlessly into your hood
    • Carbon fiber and smoke both fit and match OEM style matte black trim packages
    • Aerodynamic design features great deflection and protection too
    • Redirects bugs and rocks away from your vehicle, maintaining your paint job
    • US Flag version is available with or without eagle graphic
    • UV resistant construction, won’t crack or fade over time

    Stampede VP Bug Deflector

    When you’re looking to deck out the front of your hood with a sweet new bug shield or hood protector, you’ll find you have lots of options. Everyone out there--every company--will claim that they have the best design or that there version is the best at deflecting insects or rocks or that it is the most aerodynamic.

    The truth is actually pretty simple though: most hood shields and bug guards on the market do a pretty solid job at protecting your hood against insect guts and your windshield from bouncing rocks and pebbles.

    Okay, so maybe a low profile hood protector will be more aerodynamic, but you really aren’t gaining or losing many miles per gallon by adding a bug deflector, so is aerodynamics the biggest deal?

    Likewise, larger hood guards that extend higher into the air are likely better at catching and deflecting bugs and bouncing pebbles or rocks up and over your vehicle’s cab, away from your windshield and hood.

    Of course, deflecting rocks and bugs is the main purpose of any bug deflector. But most shields can handle these issues because they are designed to do just that.

    So one of the biggest aspects that differentiates one hood shield from the next is cosmetics and aesthetics. In other words, it has to do with what the hood protector looks like.

    And when it comes to looking good and having options for you, Stampede is on top of it. In fact, there are so many options to consider that you might be overwhelmed.

    So let’s touch on the various different styles that are currently available for the Stampede Vigilante Premium Bug Shields:


    One of the most popular items currently, the Smoke style acrylic hood guard is a staple of the industry. And Stampede has done a great job with this particular version. First, the Stampede VP is designed to block a good area just above and in front of the hood. This design will help to push wind currents, and hence bugs, up over the hood and windshield and away from the cab of your vehicle.

    It also does a great job of deflecting any bouncing rocks away from your hood. We’ve all been there. These menaces to paint jobs and windshields alike are a constant issue when driving on the highways and bi-ways, whether local or Interstate.

    When you’re just cruising along, minding your own business, and some rock get slung back at your vehicle by the minivan in front of you, the unexpected consequence is often a scratch in your clear coat or paint job or a damaged windshield.

    Now both are pretty easy to correct. And I know that various glass repair companies now exist who can come to your address and repair your windshield easily. Often that kind of repair is even covered by insurance.

    Nevertheless, it is a pain to have to put up with this kinda nonsense in the first place. A superior hood guard like the Stampede VP will help prevent rocks and bugs from hitting your vehicle.

    The bugs actually can cause more of a long term problem too. The issue has to do with the acidic nature of insect guts. Over time, if you let bug guts build up on your hood, typically right at the front of the hood, these acidic bug guts will start to damage your clear coat and then your paint job too. Once they reach the material underneath, your vehicle is not just exposed to the acid guts of those dead insects, but also to the elements.

    This is an issue that certainly must be prevented. While both rocks and bugs are a real issue, at least with the rocks you typically hear them hit your vehicle. A bug hitting your hood and getting smashed into compete annihilation--yeah, you might not even notice that. And it happens even more often than rocks getting flung back at your truck or Jeep.

    So having a good hood guard is important. And the Stampede VP hood protector covers that area which is most likely to be hit by bugs repeatedly. And since it is made of a durable acrylic, it is easy to clean off and will last a long time.

    Now the key benefit of going with the Smoke over the other styles is that it will both match your black OEM trim and it is slightly transparent.

    The Smoke style deflector isn’t completely see through, but there will be a little bit of light that can get through. A lot of customers like this classic deflector look, so if you’re looking for a hood shield that is like one you’ve seen before in the past, and you want it to be black but slightly see through, this is likely the style for you.

    However, if you want a style that is completely opaque, or one that you can’t see through, you’ll want to look at some of Stampede’s other options.

    Carbon Fiber

    Speaking of a non-see through option, if you’re looking for a black shield protector, but you don’t want it to be transparent at all, and you like the look of carbon fiber, then these VP guards are for you.

    The Carbon Fiber finish will still do a great job at matching OEM black trim. But it also blocks out more light, giving your hood guard more of a full and apparent look.

    The Carbon Fiber does have a carbon fiber style pattern on it. Personally, I love the look of these carbon fiber Vigilante Premiums, but each there own. Do note that if you’re looking for a straight solid black, you are probably looking for the Smoke finish even though that is see-through.


    Not to be out done by their darker options, the Clear version of the Stampede VP offers a level of luxury and transparency that you just can’t find with most other hood guards. This finish is nigh completely transparent, so you might not even notice that this bug shield is there until you get close.

    If you really like the look of your vehicle without a bug deflector, but feel like you need one to protect your paint job and your windshield, then this is a great option for you.

    The Clear bug guard really does scream upscale to me. And it looks great on everything from a Car to an SUV up to a full sized Truck.


    Stampede currently offers upwards of 10 different camouflage options for their VP line. These camo options come from two brand name camo companies: RealTree® and Mossy Oak®. With so many options to choose from, chances are good their is a camo design here for you. There’s even a pink option from both companies if that’s what you are looking for.

    Let’s quickly list out the camo  designs, which you can see above in the images as well.


    Max 4


    Max 5


    and Xtra Pink

    Mossy Oak®

    Duck Blind

    Break Up Country

    Shadow Grass Blades

    and Break Up Pink

    Personally, I’m partial to Duck Blind, but each their own. Check out the images above to see which camo pattern fits you and your truck.


    Finally, Stampede VP comes in two American Flag themes for those who are true patriots. One of the options is a USA Flag waving in the wind. The second option, American Flag with Eagle, also includes a bald eagle superimposed over the top of the flag.

    Both of these options are excellent for the patriots out there. Personally, I really am digging on the eagle version. Again, see the images above and pick the design that is right for your ride.

    Stampede VP

    With all these options and the great features on the Vigilante Premium line, there’s a Stampede VP out there for you. Hit us up when you’re ready to order so we can get you the right hood protector for your vehicle.

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