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    TrailFX Bug Shield

    A Modified Acrylic Extended Style Bug Deflector

    When in the market for an affordable bug shield and rock deflector, one of the most common and solid brands around often comes to mind: TrailFX. And as usual, they have both an affordable and well made entry in the bug shield category that’s aptly named Bug Shield. Smart move. This hood guard is made from modified acrylic and finished in smoky black, adding style to this solid design. This extended style protector stands out away from the hood a little bit both for easy cleaning and to deflect bugs and stones away more easily. The rock shield is easy to install and requires no drilling. Also on most applications there’s no need for bumpers on the back of the guard to protect your hood from impacts while driving. The TrailFX Bug Shield has a stylish look and is designed with aerodynamics in mind. The curve of the shield follows the contours of your vehicle’s hood and causes the wind stream to move higher and up and over the cab of your truck, taking flying insects with it. Likewise, the extended element of the shield blocks and redirects rocks and other road debris away from your hood. If you’re looking for an affordable option that will both look great and function very well too, then TrailFX should definitely be on the top of your short list. We are talking about a precisely engineered shield here made from super durable modified acrylic, all at a fraction of a cost of what you might get from some other brands. The material is scratch resistant and water proof as well. And the custom design means it is made to fit your specific year, make, and model vehicle. Put this all together, and you’ve got an affordable product that does what it is designed to do and does it well, and the style of this shield means it looks like it belongs on the front of your hood--like it should have been there when you drove it off the lot. Let’s take a deeper dive into the TrailFX Bug Shield.

    Bullet Point Breakdown of the TrailFX Bug Shield

    No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the TrailFX Bug Shield:

    • A Well Priced and Well Made Hood Protector
    • Custom made to fit your specific year, make, and model vehicle
    • Made to last
    • Constructed out of modified acrylic
    • Scratch, dent, and ding resistant
    • A stylish yet functional hood guard
    • Smoke finish matches most OE and aftermarket matte black trim and accessories
    • Super easy, no drill installation
    • A DIY install if we ever saw one
    • Low profile hardware for mounting makes this bug shield look like it should be attached to your hood
    • This acrylic hood shield stands out away from the hood, extended to intercept bugs and rocks
    • Made to withstand the harsh conditions of the road
    • A bug shield that won’t break the bank
    • Affordable and durable
    • A combination too often hard to find, that is practically part of the TrailFX mantra
    • Reliable products at solid prices, all with great style and function
    • Modifies the air currents that pass over the top of your hood
    • Redirecting bugs and road debris away from your hood and windshield
    • An easy install that you can do from the comfort of your home garage
    • Backed by TrailFX’s limited lifetime warranty
    • A great product that protects your paint job
    • And this Bug Shield from TrailFX looks great too
    • The TrailFX Bug Shield and Hood Protector

    TrailFX Bug Shield

    My whole family is from the Michigan, mother born and raised just outside of Ann Arbor. And let me tell you, come summer near the Great Lakes, there’s tons of insects. And they congregate all over everything that includes the cars, the trucks, the buildings, the factories, and even the sky itself.

    And even if they aren’t blood suckers, and most of them aren’t, they still can be mighty annoying on a hot Summer sunday when you’re heading on down the road doing 65 mph, just enjoying the ride.

    Now the thing about bugs is that not only can they be unbearable at times come sun down, but they also can be both a nuisance and distraction while driving. And these days, it isn’t like we need any more distractions while in the driver’s seat.

    You may not get this in most other parts of the country, but here in Michigan and many other areas near the Great Lakes, we get nasty swarms of bugs and flies from time to time throughout the year. And these babies can be mighty annoying and even damage your vehicle.

    Often times, the best and only real protection against bugs while out on the road is getting a bug shield installed. That or I guess you could just not drive ever.

    And the truth about these suckers is that most bug guts are acidic. So even if you aren’t worried about a tiny insect damaging your paint job, over time the acidity of their insides could very well start to damage your vehicle’s surface. 

    And that certainly is an issue. Look I want my vehicle to stay spotless as possible. I mean, I want to make sure my truck lasts. So the last thing I want is some silent hood killing little monsters to kamikaze themselves all over the front end of my truck and damage my clear coat top layer, the paint underneath, and finally the metal of the hood itself.

    And that’s part of the reason why I got me a TrailFX Bug Shield. Another part was that I like these babies, and I like the price. They aren’t nearly as expensive as so many other styles and makes out there. And I think they look great too.

    But the reason I really got a Bug Shield has less to do with style and cost. Because I refuse to put a price tag on a few things--namely my truck and my life.

    So let me tell you how these bug shields could save you and your truck from a possible accident. But to do so, we’ll have to go back a few years.

    It was the early twenty teens, and I was rocking my Dodge Ram 1500 still. Man, did I love that truck. I put all kinds of great add on’s onto her, like floor mats, step bars, and even some bigger tires with fender flares. Add in that 3 inch lift kit, and you can tell I put a few extra paychecks into her to get her just like I wanted.

    I was driving home from work one day, not even late at night, mind you, and I was kinda out in the country, doing a casual 65. I know these roads. I drive them every day to and from work. And I might have been rocking out to some new Jason Aldeen. But that’s neither here nor there.

    Point is I was both paying attention and knew exactly where I was and what I was doing. This was my normal routine, after all. Nothing strange about it.

    I crested this small hill, and knew there was a turn up ahead. Nothing too sharp. Just a gentle little jaunt to the right. And right as I’m about to reach it, I catch something glinting just ahead of me, hovering in the air.

    It was honestly the strangest thing--kinda like a shimmering cloud of light. And before I could really realize what was happening, the front of my Ram was pummeled by thousands of tiny insects. It sounded kinda like a really muffled machine gun.

    And needless to say, it was unexpected as hell. So it took me by surprise. But the sound and shock wasn’t what did anything really to me. What got me was the residue. All these bugs smashed into my hood and windshield. And I suddenly couldn’t see.

    Now if I hadn’t made a split second decision, I might have been fine. But it all kinda happened in an instance, you see.

    I didn’t panic, exactly. But I did do what most of us would probably do in that situation. Instead of realizing that I could still make out most of the edge of the road around the bug impacts. I probably could have slowed down and pulled off to the side. But instead, I flipped my windshield wipers.

    This smeared insect guts all over my windshield, nearly completely blocking out my view. And then I panicked. I tried to hit my windshield wiper fluid, but about the time I did, I felt my truck bounce and skid off the road and into a field.

    Luckily I just smashed through a barbed wire fence and was able to slam on the brakes and come to a stop, because just up ahead as a bridge over a flooded creek that connects to laek, and if I’d gone over that I would have probably lost both my truck and possibly my life.

    Later, after the police had shown up and gave me a bit of hell, I called up a buddy of mine and explained what happened. He knew exactly what I was talking about. Said he’d seen it before. I’d driven into the beginnings of a mayfly hatch. Yes, these little suckers come up outta the water for just a day or two and they cloud the sky and cause all sorts of accidents. I just happened to come into it at the exact wrong moment.

    Now you might not have these kinda crazy insects around yourself, but if you do, please be careful. And when in doubt, get yourself a bug shield. And if you do accidentally hit a swarm of mayflies, do not--I repeat! DO NOT turn on your windshield wipers! Trust me on this.

    Our Promise of Exceptional Service and the Lowest Prices on the Interwebs

    When you’re ready to order your TrailFX Bug Shield, we hope you’ll get yours from us here at Midwest Aftermarket. We only promote products we believe in and sell them at the lowest prices, shipping quickly to you for free if you’re in the lower 48 states. We have an excellent return policy and strive to get you the right product in perfect condition the first time.

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