Road Armor Stealth Front Bumper

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    Road Armor Stealth Front Bumper

    A Full Replacement Heavy Duty Steel Bumper with All Kinds of Options

    If you’re looking for a heavy duty steel bumper in satin black, then the Road Armor Stealth front bumper is one you should definitely take a gander at. This heavy duty bumper comes in several different version, including winch ready, cube light accepting, and round light applications. And that’s not even considering the pre-runner and grille guard options. Whether you want a base line, modern angular bumper or a full on grille guard pre-runner welded to a front bumper, the Road Armor Stealth series has a loadout for you. All bumpers in this series are made from durable 3/16 inch heavy duty steel. They feature ¼ inch gussetting and internal bracketry. The light mounts and winch plates along with the bumper frame itself are engineered using CNC Laser Cut technology, and the bumper is precision brake formed. For most makes and models, these bumpers are easy bolt on installations. Each bumper is finished in a premium 5 stage Satin black powder coat finish. All Road Armor bumpers are proudly made in Texas, right here in the US of A. And they are backed by Road Armor’s lifetime structural warranty. The winch mount option is a superior foot forward winch mount and is available for most versions in this series and most makes and models of trucks. Please note that none of the lights or winches are included with the bumper, though we will gladly sell you a compatible light or winch too. Just hit us up if you need any help picking out either: lights or winches. Likewise, if you don’t opt for the winch option, there is a 20” light bar option that is located in the center of these bumpers too, if you’d rather have a light bar instead of a winch (also sold separately). All these bumpers from Road Armor are also available with sensor holes for your parking and bumper sensors for newer trucks. So for most vehicles you don’t have to worry about your stock sensors not working or being compatible. The main variants on the bumper in this series are: Base, Pre-Runner Guard, Lonestar Guard, and Titan II Guard. The Base model is just the bumper without any added grille guard or pre-runner. If you’re interested in a pre-runner or grille guard, make sure to select the appropriate one from the drop down menu above, after you input your year, make, and model vehicle. The Pre-Runner is a welded .120 wall tubing providing the ultimate protection. A Pre-Runner Bar like this one is often the first part of the bumper to make contact during a collision, and it is designed to push the force of the impact down into and below the bumper, protecting your engine compartment, your vehicle’s cab, and anyone riding in your truck with you. The Lonestar Guard version of this bumper includes a grille guard and headlight guard that wraps around the entire front end of your truck. Like the pre-runner, this grille guard is fully welded, made from .120 wall steel tubing, and adds additional protection to the front end of your vehicle. The Lonestar looks great both on the ranch and hitting the highway, giving your truck a rugged look and offering maximum protection. The Titan II Guard also protects everything from your headlights to your grille and back again, offering superior protection and transforming your front end into a battle ready armored vehicle like status. This bumper variant can handle even larger winches, up to 16,500 lb winches. It looks great while offering great protection and changing the look of your truck’s front end. This is one of the most aggressive and rugged bumper and grille guard combos on the market. Combat Tested and Proven: All these Stealth Bumpers from Road Armor have seen combat duty during the Iraq War and have been proven ready for warfare. And Road Armor supports the American Valor Foundation, an organization that supports military Veterans, First Responders, and their families through direct support and Memorial Scholarships. Nothing like buying an American made bumper and supporting our troops at the same time. Let’s dive into the details of this sweet Front Bumper Stealth Series from Road Armor.

    Bullet Point Breakdown of the Road Armor Stealth Front Bumper

    No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Road Armor Stealth Front Bumper:

    • A Heavy Duty Satin Black Steel Bumper with Options for All the Trimmings and then Some
    • A Battle Tested Bumper--Literally
    • The Road Armor Stealth Series has seen combat during the Iraq War
    • Constructed from 3/16” steel for the outer frame of the bumper
    • Featuring ¼” gussetting and superior internal bracketry
    • Customizable to your needs
    • For most makes and models, you have the option for a winch or non-winch bumper
    • Base Bumper, Pre-runner bumper, and Lonestar can handle up to a 12,000 lb winch
    • Reenforced Titan 2 can handle up to 16,500 lbs winch
    • Each bumper has options for cube lights or round that can act as added fog lighting
    • Both winches and fog lights sold separately (call if you need help selecting compatible parts)
    • If you opt for a non-winch mount, the bumper has the option to accept up to a 20 inch light bar instead
    • Finished in Road Armor’s superior 5 stage Satin black powder coat finish
    • All bumpers are made in America
    • Manufactured in Texas by hardworking Americans
    • Designed for direct bolt on application
    • Made utilizing the latest in CNC Laser cutting technology
    • All bumpers are precision brake formed
    • Options for Pre-Runner Bar and 2 variant Grille Guards
    • Pre-Runner Bar acts as a protective guard against front impacts
    • All Guards and Pre-Runners are made from .120 inch steel tubing
    • Pre-runner pushes the force of the impact down and away from the engine and cab of the vehicle
    • Added Guards and pre-runner bar are designed to increase protection and safety
    • Features fully welded shackles for D-rings (sold separately)
    • Lonestar Guard wraps around your front end, protecting your headlights and grille
    • A Texas ranch land inspired design
    • The Lonestar looks great and protects the entire front of your truck
    • The largest variant, the Titan II Guard, can boast a larger winch (16,500 lb capacity) and added reenforcement to your truck’s front end
    • A true heavy duty bumper, the Titan 2 Guard and Stealth Bumper is the ultimate in truck protection
    • Transforms your truck into an armored like vehicle
    • No wonder these bumpers are seen as combat proven
    • The Road Armor Stealth Titan 2 Guard Front Bumper is modern and rugged
    • Road Armor backs all their bumpers with a Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty
    • And Road Armor supports the American Valor Foundation
    • This organization provides direct aid to military Vets, first responders, and their families
    • American Valor Foundation also provides Memorial Scholarships to vets and their families
    • Road Armor makes a truly American bumper
    • And just like Texas, these bumpers are large and in charge
    • Support American workers and upgrade your bumper today

    Road Armor Stealth Front Bumper

    There’s so much to say about these great bumpers from Road Armor. For starters, there’s a variant or version for just about everyone. Whether you’re just looking for a full replacement bumper or you want a full grille guard, Road Armor has something for you in its Stealth series.

    For starters, the base bumper, the Stealth is about as heavy duty as a front bumper can get. It is constructed from 3/16 inch heavy duty steel and reenforced with ¼ inch gusseting and internal bracketry. So even the attachment points are tough as nails.

    Add in the fact that this bumper has options for everything from winches to light bars, cube lights and round lights, and you’re well on your way to a truly customized bumper for your pickup truck.

    And if you decide you want something even more heavy duty than the base Stealth bumper, you have the option to add on a pre-runner or one of two different grille guards. All of these added guards and pre-runners are made from .120 steel wall tubing and welded onto the bumper creating a solid one-piece front bumper.

    The Pre-Runner protrudes slightly in front of the bumper itself. This bar is designed to absorb the initial impact of any front collision and direct the force down and away from your engine and cab. As with all of these guards, they are designed to keep your passengers safer than just having a front bumper alone.

    The Lonestar guard option does all that and more. This Guard is inspired by the ranch land of Texas, and I think honestly appeals to the cowboy in all of us. With a wrap around design, the Lonestar Grille Guard protects not just your grille but your headlights and everything in between too. Both the Lonestar and the Titan 2 also have additional mounting points for light bars and other light accessories.

    Finally, the Titan 2 Grille Guard is the largest model and offers the most protection. Capable of handling a larger winch (up to 16,500 lb capacity) than the rest, the Titan II also wraps around your entire front end protecting everything from one wheel well to the other. Featuring an angular modern design, the Titan II is battle ready, and you’ll know it when you see it.

    In fact, all of these bumpers have been proven in the line of duty, as they’ve seen combat during the Iraq War. So if you’re looking for a superior bumper that is additional armor against everything the road may throw at you, check out these great Road Armor Stealth bumpers today!

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