Road Armor Stealth Rear Bumper

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    Road Armor Stealth Rear Bumper

    A Winch Ready Rear Steel Bumper to Match Road Armor’s Stealth Front Bumper

    If you’re looking for a top of the line, all steel rear bumper that is able to have a winch mounted to it, and it’s just gotta be made in America, Road Armor is a great place to start. As far as quality and competitively priced winch rear bumpers go, the Stealth series has you covered. This baby can handle up to a 9,000 lb. winch. And with D-rings / shackle mounts welded to the bumper itself (D-rings and shackles sold separately), this thing is ready to pull your buddy right outta the ditch the next time he finds himself in a bind. Or however you use your winch. All Road Armor bumpers are made right here in the States, proudly in Texas. They utilize state of the art CNC Laser cutting machines to cut out the 3/16 inch heavy duty steel. Then the bumpers are precision brake formed and welded together by superior American craftsmens and craftswomen. Designed to be directly bolted on as a full factory replacement rear bumper, these Stealth Rear bumpers are easy to install and look great on the back of your truck. This bumper comes with cut outs for LED backup lights (sold separately). The license plate lights are included for this bumper, and your existing sensors and any other backup light that comes stock should all still work just fine as this bumper has cut outs for all of those features. If you don’t have backup sensors, no worries. There will be inserts to fill those sensor holes. The bumper is attached to your frame using ¼ inch gusseting and internal bracketry. Road Armor manufacturers all of their high quality bumpers in the US of A, down in Texas, where everything’s bigger, or so I hear. They back up their high quality bumpers with a lifetime structural warranty. And this particular bumper is finished using their premium 5 stage satin black powder coating to protect it against premature rust and corrosion. If you’d like to paint the bumper to match or whatever color you desire, simple scuff up the finish a bit to help the paint adhere properly, then go to town. We’ve seen some fancy paint jobs, but if you’ve got a great one to share, hit us up on the Socials, cause we love pics of sick trucks. And this rear bumper and the rest of the Stealth family of front bumpers have all been battle tested during the Iraq War. So when we tell you these babies are heavy duty, we mean combat tested and armored vehicle like durability--literally. Road Armor donates to The American Valor Foundation on the reg as well, so when you purchase a Stealth bumper or any other fine products from Road Armor, you are supporting an organization that donates to help veterans, first responders, and their families. Can’t get much more American than that. Let’s dive into the details of this heavy duty steel bumper.

    Bullet Point Breakdown of the Road Armor Stealth Rear Bumper

    No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Road Armor Stealth Rear Bumper:

    • A Heavy Duty Rear Bumper to compliment the Stealth Series Front Bumpers
    • Constructed from 3/16 inch heavy duty steel construction
    • Reenforced and attached to your frame by a ¼ inch gusseting and internal bracketry
    • Fully welded construction by American craftsmen and women
    • Winch Mount available, with foot forward
    • Optional winch mount can handle a winch up to 9,000 lb capacity
    • License plate lights included as well or cut outs allow factory lights to still work
    • CNC Laser cutouts for option LED Backup Lights (sold separately)
    • Finished in Road Armor’s premium 5 stage Satin Black powder coat
    • Backed by Road Armor’s Lifetime Structural Warranty
    • Direct bolt on design
    • Made in the United States, Proudly in Texas
    • Road Armor employees hard working Americans like yourself
    • And Road Armor donates to The American Valor Foundation
    • American Valor Foundation provides financial support to Military Veterans, First Responders, and their families
    • AVF also provides Memorial Scholarships to students of those families
    • So when you purchase a bumper from Road Armor, you’re supporting American Workers and Vets too
    • And winch and added lighting options make this bumper super customizable
    • Lights and Winch sold separately
    • Winch version includes mounts for D-rings or Shackles
    • Battle tested during the Iraq War
    • A superior, combat ready steel bumper
    • Matches your front Road Armor Stealth bumper
    • Paintable bumper though we recommend you scuff up the finish a bit before priming
    • A rugged and superior steel bumper
    • Matches all the great variants of Stealth front bumpers
    • Utilitarian angular design that makes you stand out in a crowd
    • Superior design and made to last
    • 5 stage powder coat protects the steel against corrosion and rust
    • A Heavy Duty Rear Bumper from the Original Heavy Duty Bumper Manufacturer
    • This is one of the Original Road Armor Bumpers
    • These babies are a cut above the rest
    • Satin black finish matches most black trim and aftermarket parts
    • Superior steel construction
    • Based out of Dallas, Texas
    • Frame mounted and heavily durable
    • Protects your rear end against impacts and rear end accidents
    • Tons of accessories and options, just like the front bumper
    • The Road Armor Stealth Rear Bumper: Battle Tested, Road Ready

    Road Armor Stealth Rear Bumper

    When you’re looking for a great rear bumper that’s powder coated and matte black, not to mention made from heavy duty 3/16” steel plate, you need to check out Road Armor stat! These rear bumpers are built to last and have tons of great options. And if you already have or are looking at a Stealth Front Bumper, you should definitely consider the rear bumper too. These two paired together super well, and both can be scuffed up and painted to match your vehicle.

    These bumpers are durable and rugged. Road Armor is the original heavy duty American bumper manufacturer. All these steel Road Armor bumpers are made in American. Road Armor is based out of Dallas, Texas. And they employ American workers at their factory. This means your Road Armor bumper is well made using American ingenuity and construction. We are talking about superior craftsmanship.

    And Road Armor stands behind their products, backing them up with a Lifetime Structural Warranty. So this is an American company that values its customers and makes products they believe in.

    With the option to attach a foot forward winch, this rear bumper can get your and / or your buddy’s truck out of the ditch in a pinch too. This bumper is capable of handling up to a 9,000 pound winch. Whether you like rocking Warn winches or Smittybilt, you’ve got some great options here. Do note that all these winches are sold separately, but if you need any help with fitment, hit us up via phone or chat and we’ll help make sure you get the exact winch you need that will fit this bumper.

    Likewise, this highly customizable bumper has cut outs for optional LED back up lights. Whether you’re picking up two Rigid SRM Backup Lights or some Quake LED’s, you can light up your tail end and make backing up in total darkness much easier.

    Again, all these lighting options are sold separately, but should you need any help picking them out, just hit us up.

    And regardless if you’re matching your front bumper which is also one of the Stealth Bumpers--Base, Pre-runner, Lonestar Guard, or Titan 2 Grille Guard versions--the Road Armor Stealth Rear Bumper makes a great stock full replacement rear bumper. There’s no plastic crap here. This bumper is 100% heavy duty plate steel.

    And with cutouts for all your backup sensors and towing accessories, you really can’t go wrong with this great bumper. Too many aftermarket bumpers require you to drill into them to install factory sensors and even mount your license plate. But with Road Armor, your bumper is ready to go once you remove the stock crap and bolt on the Stealth awesomeness!

    And Road Armor coats each bumper in a 5 stage powder coating process. This complex sealing and finishing program coats each bumper in a protective layer of additional armor against rust and corrosion. And the Satin Black Powder coat finish looks great too, and you can paint it if you’d like to have a different color than black as well.

    At the end of the day, you’d be hard pressed to find a more heavy duty rear bumper with all these options. And it becomes a great pleasure to be able to deal with a company that makes their bumpers right here in the States and backs them up with a great warranty. If you need your rear end to be combat ready or just have always wanted a sick rear bumper, the Road Armor Stealth Rear Bumper is a great choice!

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