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    T-Rex X-Metal Grille

    A Full Heavy Gauge Mesh Replacement Grille in Black Carbon or Polished Stainless Steel

    If you’re looking to transform your truck’s front end, getting a custom grille is a great place to start. And T-Rex has a great selection of unique and stylish grilles, including everything from classic Billet style grilles up to laser cut custom designs and logos. And when it comes to full replacement grilles, one of their most popular and extensive ranges is the X-Metal Series. This stylish grille features a formed woven wire mesh that is stunning to behold. This mesh and the entire grille comes in two material types: 304 polished stainless steel or carbon steel. The polished version is very chrome like in appearance, while the carbon steel is matte black. Both have T-Rex’s exclusive X-Metal studs around the exterior of the grille, giving this piece a distinct bolt on look. The frame is made from solid 12 gauge steel. And the whole thing is backed by a lifetime structural warranty and a 3 year warranty on the finish itself. For many year, make, and model vehicles there are at least two variants on this particular grille, so do make sure you fill out your vehicle fitment and then check out all the options from the drop down menus. For most vehicles this grille is available in a one piece mesh insert style. This means that the majority of the grille is the X-Metal Mesh with a frame surrounding the outside, and typically an X-Metal logo in the center. However, some makes and models also have the option for a two piece. For this variant, the mesh is in two pieces, mesh on top and on bottom, with a solid piece of metal cross beam through the middle. Typically you’ll have a vehicle emblem or X-Metal one on this cross beam. See the images above for pictures of both these styles of X-Metal Grilles. From there, you may get further options such as selecting the black carbon steel or 304 polish stainless steel. For some vehicles, T-Rex also offers their rivets in either black carbon steel or polished stainless steel. While the black on black and chrome on chrome looks great, you’d be shocked how sweet the chrome rivets looks on the black carbon steel grille frame. So definitely check out the great options with this grille because there is likely one great version of this grille that is perfect for your ride and your style. Let’s break down the specific details of this solid X-Metal Grille from one of our favorite grille manufacturers, T-Rex.

    Bullet Point Breakdown of the T-Rex X-Metal Grille

    No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the T-Rex X-Metal Grille:

    • Available as A Full Replacement Grille, with an Overlay option for some vehicles
    • Constructed of T-304 stainless steel or carbon steel
    • Frame is made of heavy duty 12 gauge steel
    • Features matte black or stainless steel X-Metal Studs (on select models)
    • X-Metal is a woven wire mesh that crosses forming an X vertically
    • This is a unique style that is sure to make your front end stand out in a crowd
    • T-Rex makes all their grilles right here in the US
    • Based out of Corona, California
    • Backed by T-Rex’s Limited Lifetime Warranty on Structural components
    • And a 3 year finish warranty
    • For some makes and models, comes in several variants including one piece mesh and two piece and even overlay
    • If you find a variant that is cheaper than all the rest for your vehicle, that’s probably the overlay version
    • Looks sweet
    • Comes with X-Metal logo
    • T-Rex style with lean mean mesh aggression
    • Great air flow while giving optimal looks too
    • The best of both worlds in a grille
    • Keeps rocks and road debris away from your radiator and engine compartment
    • Available with several different styles and materials
    • Gives your front end a more modern look
    • Superior products made in the States
    • Woven mesh style is unique and contrasting
    • Optional Matte Black Carbon Steel matches existing black trim and aftermarket accessories
    • For some makes and models available as an overlay or insert only.
    • For many trucks, this grille is available as a full replacement grille
    • Made by American workers, in America
    • A great looking grille
    • Upscales your truck exponentially
    • Transforms your front end
    • Almost like you have a new truck from head on
    • Optional X-Metal and Manufacturer emblems
    • Make the custom grille you want for your vehicle
    • And truly make it your own
    • Some applications do require some cutting
    • Others are simple bolt on installations
    • Overlays versions bolt on over the top of your existing factory grille
    • Change the way your truck looks from the front
    • Upgrade and upscale your truck’s appearance
    • With a T-Rex X-Metal Custom Grille

    T-Rex X-Metal Grille

    If you want to upscale and transform the front of your vehicle, there are a few routes you should heavily consider. You could get an aftermarket bumper. You can add accessories to that bumper like a pre-runner bar, a grille guard, or even a bull bar. But one of the fastest ways to completely transform the way the front of your pickup truck looks is by picking up a custom grille.

    Now concerning custom grilles, you have a number of options not just in style and company, but in the category itself.

    Grilles come in everything from overlays and inserts all the way up to full replacement grilles. And which you want will probably depend on what style or look you’re really going for.

    The most transformative is the true factory full replacement grille, which the X-Metal comes in for most makes and models. A full replacement grille means you remove and / or cut out your existing grille and replace it with the new one.

    While more invasive than the other types of grilles, this style is also the most transformative since it involves completely removing the old, factory grille and replacing it with a brand new style of grille.

    The other options are less invasive than this, but may still involve some cutting too as you may have to remove some of the original grille to put in an insert.

    Inserts are exactly what they sound like: you insert them into an existing portion of your factory grille. But this may be the exact option you’re looking for if you like the current outside or frame elements of your grille just not the inside part. It allows you to replace the OE insert with an aftermarket one, such as this X-Metal grille insert.

    Finally, we have the overlay option. This is perfect when you don’t want to do any cutting or direct modification of the existing grille. These overlay grilles simply bolt on over the top of your existing grille. This style isn’t available for all makes and models, but it does make it so that your changing up the style of the outside of the grille without doing any major modifications to the OE parts.

    The overlay is most often used when you want to replace your grille without cutting out your OE grille and when you like the way the rest of your front end looks, but just want to change up the center part of the grille itself.

    Now that we’ve got those different styles out of the way, it really comes down to the looks you like above. If you want to keep some elements of your existing grille or front end, an overlay or insert might be perfect for you. But if you truly want to go all in and replace the entire grille, you’re going to want a full factory replacement.

    What’s great about T-Rex is that they often have lots of styles and options available to you. So once you figure out which you want, you can customize from there. This sweet X-Metal Grille for instance has the option of coming in either a chrome like stainless steel finish or a matte black carbon steel finish. So whether you’re into all that shiny or like a more flat black look, they’ve got you covered.

    Likewise, you can get the bolts or rivets in black or stainless steel too to match or mix up as you choose. We actually really like the look of the stainless steel rivets on the black carbon steel grille. At the end of the day, these questions of style and look are all about you. You decide how you want your grille to look. And that’s exactly what a custom grille company should do: provide you with all the options to really make your grille your own.

    And T-Rex gives you all that style and all those options and then some.

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