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    Bushwacker DRT Style Fender Flares

    NEW BushWacker DRT Style Fender Flares with Rivet Vented Design

    Just when you thought the innovation was completed, Bushwacker goes and does it again. Their newest Fender Flare release, the DRT Style have a distinctive vented look that’s unlike any other fender flare on the market today. Unveiled at SEMA 2018, and unleashed in the Spring of 2019 to the masses, these new Fender Flares offer a one of a kind look that sets your truck apart from anything else on the road today. Having seen the initial concept and redesign all the way up to this current and finalized release, I have to say, Bushwacker really knocked it out of the park with this creative new concept and take on an off-road fender flare with style that works on the street and out by the creek. Let’s get to know the DRT Style Fender Flares from Bushwacker.

    Bullet Point Breakdown of the Bushwacker DRT Style Fender Flares

    No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Bushwacker DRT Style Fender Flares:

    • A NEW Fender from the company that first brought us Fender Flares back in the day: Bushwacker
    • You read that right. Bushwacker created the first ever fender flare, and they’ve been redesigning and innovating on them ever since
    • The DRT offers a sleek, vented look, with hints of racing and off-road cornering aesthetic
    • Designed to look angular and sharp while protecting your vehicle
    • The original Fender Flares all the way up to these DRT server multiple purposes:
    • They protect your vehicle from rocks and mud being thrown off your tires
    • This keeps your paint job and trim looking new even if you off-road every weekend
    • 38 States here in the US require fender flares to be installed if you have wider tires than your stock wheel well
    • Looks great on your pickup truck or Jeep
    • Fender Flares keep your vehicle looking great while adding accents and style too
    • The DRT is one of the most innovative designs yet
    • Hard to categorize in traditional fender flare models
    • Is it a Pocket Style? Kind of.
    • Could it be Bolt-on? Sorta.
    • Is it Extended? Well, it is pretty wide.
    • Street style? It certainly has some street style looks.
    • How do you categorize something this innovative and new?
    • Bushwacker is labeling these flares as pocket or rivet style.
    • But we say, don’t define your flares. Redefine them.
    • The DRT--a stand alone flare that has created its own category
    • For the Wild Ones, the Off-Road Warriors, and Street Cruisers alike
    • Check out this unique flare today!
    • A large and well defined flare.
    • Flare Height of 4 and a half inches (4.5 inches)
    • Tire coverage of 3 inches
    • Made of ABS Thermoplastic
    • That’s Dura-Flex 2000 TPO that’s built to last
    • UV Resistant Finish
    • It will not crack, chalk, or warp over time
    • Available in a matte black finish to match your OEM black trim
    • Super easy, no drill install
    • Perfect for DIY installers and professional installs alike

    Bushwacker DRT Style Fender Flares

    You can count on Bushwacker to innovate and iterate beyond the norm. And these new DRT flares are no exception. These fender flares are so new in fact and so unique that it is hard to fit them into one category alone.

    For instance, these DRT flares are listed as Pocket and Rivet style by Bushwacker, but that barely scratches the surface on them. The angular cut out sections on this smooth matte black flare are similar to say a pocket style cut out. Except most pocket style flares are also bolt on, meaning they have bolts on them, and there is something conspicuously missing from these new flares that was there when we saw the demo version at SEMA 2018: the bolts.

    That’s right.

    The first version to be shown off at SEMA 2018 featured black powder coated bolts. But the actual release is smooth with no bolts. And I have to tell you, while I thought the SEMA demo looked pretty sick, I think they made the right call here. This final version of the DRT just looks sick and unlike any other fender flare I’ve ever seen--and I’ve seen a flare or several thousand, if you catch my drift.

    And there is just something about those cut out sections. They look aerodynamic, but I’m no scientist, so don’t take my word for it. They have this distinct off-road quality, and yet I have a feeling they’d look just as sweet on a low rider as they would a lifted monster or a sick off-road Jeep.

    And these flares offer great coverage too. In fact, this makes me think more of an extended style flare, one that is designed for extreme tire coverage and the largest wheels around. And yet some are even calling these flat style flares because of their shape and sleek design.

    How do you categorize something like the DRT when it is just so crazy unique?

    I think you give it a brand new label. Maybe you call it…

    DRT Style

    When it comes to fender flares, Bushwacker started the market and still remain a clear leader in the industry. Bushwacker fender flares are designed to last. These babies are made from Dura-Flex 2000 TPO, a proprietary thermoplastic polyolefin that is created to take a beating and keep on truckin’. Thermoplastic will not rust or flake over time. It is UV resistant, so there won’t be any fading or chalking either. These fenders will look matte black and remain in their shape for years to come.

    TPO, like Dura Flex 2000, can handle extreme temperatures, both very very hot and super cold, and keep its shape. It will not become cracked under cold temperature. And it won’t warp in extreme heat.

    These flares are finished in an OEM style matte black, but you can also custom paint them yourself to match your paint job. We highly recommend that if you choose to do so you go with a professional painter or shop.

    Bushwacker’s founder originally created fender flares to protect your ride from rocks and other on-road and off-road hazards as well as and including the po-po’s.

    That’s right. You read that correctly. Part of the birth of the fender flare had to do with the police.

    Back in the day, several states started putting laws on the books concerning larger sized tires. These laws which were undoubtedly directed unfairly at the aftermarket and off-road community. Those who might have larger size tires were specifically zeroed out. And of course most of us who off-road regularly want larger tires. So law enforcement officers now in 38 different States in our union are allowed if not encouraged to right tickets and citations to anyone who has a tire that extends out beyond the wheel well of your vehicle.

    Jerry Logan, the founder and creator of the first every Bushwacker fender flare, first designed these flares to stop this unwarranted assault on the off-road community. We’re going to rock our wider tires, darn it. So what we needed was an extension of that wheel well so that the tire would be covered.

    The fender flare and Bushwacker were born!

    Of course these products also trap and redirect mud, rocks, and other debris that might be slung up into the air by your tires as you travel. These flares will keep your paint job looking good and help prevent stones or rocks from being thrown at other vehicles as well.

    And of course they will stop the cops from writing you tickets for having wide tires too. So don’t forget about that or overlook at either.

    These fender flares are designed for large tires and wheels too. And they are super easy to install too. Utilizing factory holes, the Bushwacker DRT can be installed without drilling or cutting any part of your vehicle. For some exhausts you may have to modify the flare itself, though, so please do see the instructions that come in the box for specific tips and guides for install on your vehicle.

    Each flare is custom made for your specific make, model, and year vehicle as well. And did we mention that Bushwacker makes all their products right here in the United States? Yup, they do. Made by American workers. Made in the USA.

    At the end of the day, Bushwacker has made it this far in this industry by solving problems via making new products that are easy to install, affordable, durable, and built to last. And today, they are still doing the same thing, plus innovating and developing new and improved products. These newest DRT flares are just as impressive today as the original Bushwacker flares were when the company first created fender flares, starting an entire new category of aftermarket products for trucks and Jeeps.

    If you’re looking for something different, something to make you stand out in the crowd, a flare that looks great in whatever environment you’re driving, you’ve just gotta check out these new Bushwacker DRT style Fender Flares. They’re redefining the fender flare yet again: DRT Style.

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