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    Husky Liners Mud Guards

    Custom Molded Mud Flaps to Protect your Finish

    A Mud Guard to end all Mud Flaps, this custom molded all-weather thermoplastic guard is designed to fit your vehicle’s fenders exactly, deflecting and catching mud, rocks, and whatever your tires kick up whether on the highway or hitting the trail. Whether you’re trying to keep your truck clean or want to protect resale value and the paint job, these flaps are designed to get that done and then some. Constructed of impact resistant material, Husky Liners Mud Guards can handle mud, rocks, snow, salt--whatever your drive throws at them. Great for both off-roading and driving on the highway, these guards keep the side of your truck clean and catch or deflect rocks and various road hazards. Featuring Husky’s exclusive Husky Shield Film, this invisible protective barrier lines the area between the mud guard and your fender, protecting your vehicle’s paint job and finish. And these Guards are super easy to install too. Most truck owners can install these babies from the comfort of their home garage. Protect your finish and your truck’s value by installing a pair of Husky Liners Mud Guards today.

    Bullet Point Breakdown of the Husky Liners Mud Guards

    No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Husky Liners Mud Guards:

    • A good looking mud guard with great form and function
    • Mud Guards that are custom made for your vehicle
    • Great for mudding and road driving too
    • Catches mud and debris and keeps it from damaging your paint job
    • Slick looking mud guards that keep the sides of your vehicle clean
    • Features the Husky Shield Film, an invisible layer of protection between the guard and your fender
    • Keeps your paint job pristine and looking like new
    • Great for the resale value of your vehicle
    • Catches mud that would otherwise end up caked on your vehicle or wheel wells
    • Deflects rocks away from your paint job and prevents scratches
    • A stylish solution to a common issue
    • Unlike traditional flaps, these guards are a solid piece of thermoplastic
    • They will not flop in the wind or move around when they get hit by mud or debris
    • Durable and tough, yet stylish and sleek
    • A great mud guard for modern trucks
    • Designed for maximum width
    • Coverage of your full tread whether single of dually truck
    • No drill install for most makes, models, and years
    • Comes with a textured black finish
    • Backed by Husky’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Mounting hardware is included in the box
    • Made in the USA
    • Manufactured at Husky Liners’ headquarters and manufacturing center in Winfield, Kansas
    • Sold in pairs for front or back wheels
    • An American Product, made in the Heartland of the USA, by American Workers
    • The Mud Flaps your truck wishes came stock
    • Designed to match OEM trim, with a matte black textured finish
    • Protect your paint job today with Husky Liners Mud Guards

    Husky Liners Mud Guards

    When it comes to protecting your paint job, often the last thing truck owners think of is mud flaps. You might think of clear coat, waxing, even fender flares. But the truth is if you drive anywhere at all, whether in rocky conditions or the mud or even just the local highway, rocks and mud and dirt and grime are going to get flung up by your tires and into the side of your vehicle. And when that happens, you may need to have your paint job touched up.

    As usual, we advocate not treating the condition after you suffer through the ordeal of having a bad scratch or several small dings. Why not prevent it ahead of time.

    I often think of a lot of those after the fact solutions as being akin to bandaids. Touch up paint is a great example. So you get a scratch on your truck’s driver’s side door. You get out your touch up paint and fix it. No problem, right?

    Except you didn’t address the cause of the scratch. How did that scratch get there in the first place?

    The issue could be that some jerk in the parking lot just nicked your vehicle by accident. Or it could be that you accidentally scratched it up yourself getting in or out of the vehicle. But what’s most likely especially directly behind or near your front or rear wheels is that your tire got ahold of something--some mud or a rock or pebble or something hard--and flung it back and up into the side of your truck.

    This happens more often than you’d think because your tires are always rolling and the tread picks up objects and debris that are tiny and flings them into the air all the time. So if you just get out the touchup paint every time you see a scratch, you could end up running out of paint and still not have treated the root cause: your tires.

    The best way to thus prevent this kind of paint damage is actually to prevent the scratch from happening in the first place by installing mud flaps or guards. And there are pros and cons of both. Flaps will move or fluctuate a little in the wind or as your vehicle moves along.

    Mud guards on the other hand will remain stationary even in the wind, while you’re on the go. But they won’t have any much give if you hit something immovable like a tree limb or a curb. Our solution for the latter is don’t hit that kinda stuff. Also, these mud guards sit pretty high, so that shouldn’t be an issue either.

    Nevertheless, you’re going to want to check out these mud guards. These protective pieces of thermoplastic hang out from the side of your wheel wells, covering the entire area of your exposed tread. These bad boys are designed to catch anything your tires might throw backwards and redirect it away from your vehicle’s sides.

    Whether you’re worried about mud or rocks, these guards are here to protect your vehicle the way only a Husky product can.

    When it comes to protecting my finish, I need to know that whatever product I install on my wheel wells, whether Wheel Well Guards or Mud Flaps or Mud Guards, they’ve gotta protect my vehicle and look good while doing it.

    The Husky Liners Mud Guards come in a textured black finish. This design and finish make the guards look like they are meant to be there--like it’s a part of the overall feature of the vehicle. When you make a product that feels like it belongs there and matches most OE trim, not only does it look great, but it makes your vehicle look even more stylish than the standard, non-aftermarket trim products.

    Designed to last, these TPO guards are tough and impact resistant. This means they can handle extreme temperatures as well as high speed impacts from rocks and other road detritus. And when you’re hitting the open road in your pickup, who knows what you might encounter.

    So it becomes vital that Husky has made a product that is ready to take on whatever the world might throw at it. And since these mud guards are custom made to fit the exact contours of your fender and wheel well, you can trust that they are going to keep your vehicle in tip top shape throughout the years.

    But what if the unthinkable should happen? What if I do fly over the curb or a log or back off the edge of an elevated parking lot in such a way that I damage my mud guards? Well, while that is simply a hypothetical case, and I have absolutely no evidence nor personal experience that would suggest such an incident would be covered under said warranty, I would like to let you know that Husky Liners Mud Guards are protected by an excellent limited lifetime warranty which covers defects and workmanship under normal installation and use.

    Honestly, my little hypothetical accident probably falls under abnormal wear and tear, but nevertheless, Husky has you covered.

    And as if that wasn’t enough, these babies are made right here in the States. In fact, Husky Liners is based out of Winfield, Kansas, and does all their manufacturing and designing right there in Kansas. We’re talking about American products made by American workers right in the Heartland of--wait for it--America.

    So when we’re shopping around for a mud flap or guard, there are a lot of flimsy and cheap brands out there. Heck, you can try getting some cheap-o mud flaps at the local truck stop. But at the end of the day, if you want to buy once and buy smart, protect your vehicle and have a product that looks good too, you’re gonna want to go with Husky. These Husky Liners Mud Guards really are all that and more.

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