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    Raptor DropSteps Nerf Step Bars

    A Durable Black E-Coated DropStep backed by an Industry Leading 10 Year Warranty

    Step Bars. You need them for your truck. But you want something that looks great and is built to last. Too many nerf bars in this industry either can’t take a beating, making claims that just don’t stack up or emphasizing nonsense stats with little to no evidence to back them up. If you need a heavy duty step bar that is poised to last through difficult environments and harsh weather, you’ve found the product for you. These Raptor Series DropSteps are made of heavy duty 10 gauge steel. They are protected via a durable black e-coated finish. Each step is weight rated for upwards of 500 lbs. And they are backed by an unprecedented, industry leading 10 year warranty from Raptor Series. A lot of companies use buzz words and talk up their products, but few stand behind their product as diligently as Raptor does. And these DropSteps are heavy duty, easy to install, and they manage to look great while doing it. The Drop Step from Raptor is a great, heavy duty, built to last nerf bar for your truck or Jeep. Let’s break the DropStep down for you in this Midwest Review.

    Bullet Point Breakdown of the Raptor DropSteps Nerf Step Bars

    No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Raptor DropSteps Nerf Step Bars:

    • The DropStep is super durable
    • These Nerf Bars have a weight rating of 500 lbs.
    • Featuring a 2” wide step area for bigger footed folks, like me
    • Super easy installation
    • Mounted directly to your rocker panels
    • Great material design
    • Constructed out of heavy duty 10 gauge steel
    • Angular design looks great and lasts a long time even in harsh environments
    • Finished in a durable matte black e-coat
    • Tread plate is perforated for added traction and drainage
    • Designed to make getting into and out of your vehicle super easy
    • DIY install utilizes factory holes
    • That’s a no drill install you can do in your home garage
    • Custom made to fit your year, make, model truck
    • Built to last
    • A great nerf bar at an affordable price
    • Designed to match OEM trim
    • E-coated for added durability and weather protection
    • Made from 10 gauge thick steel
    • Great for off-road and street driving alike
    • The next step bars for your vehicle have arrived

    Raptor DropSteps Nerf Step Bars

    When it comes to heavy duty step bars, many companies make extravagant claims, but few stand behind their product as diligently as Raptor Series does. Backed by their limited ten year warranty, these DropSteps are built to last and protected by this excellent repair or replace warranty from Raptor. And they are made of superior durability, heavy duty 10 gauge steel. If you’re shopping around for nerf bars, you’ve found yourself an excellent product right here. And even if something were to happen, you’ve got that superior warranty covering it as well.

    These aren’t flimsy cheap steps we’re talking about either. This is heavy duty equipment, with a weight rating of 500 pounds! And the 2” wide step area means you have plenty of room to step on the Drop Step and get up into your cab.

    While these DropSteps are clearly a superior product, there are a lot of aspects that should be considered when you are in the market for nerf step bars.

    You should consider the aesthetics of the running board or nerf step for instance. What does it look like? How is it going to look on your vehicle? If you don’t like how it looks, why would you buy and install it in the first place? So considering the look of the product in this case is a must.

    Next you should think about how durable the product is. Instead of just considering cost when it comes to nerf bars, we recommend you think about how many years you’re likely to have this product and how durable the step bar is in the first place.

    Finally, and this is the part that often people don’t consider, you need to remember and think about what climate you live in and whether or not you’re planning on moving in the near future. This becomes even more of a consideration if you live somewhere that has high humidity and harsh or rough winters with lots of snow and ice.

    With all that in mind, let’s run through the pros and cons of the DropStep from Raptor Series.

    The Look, the Feel... of Nerf Bars

    When it comes to nerf bars and running boards, you’re gonna want to picture these babies on your truck or Jeep before you buy. Often times taking a good look at the images above will give you a solid enough idea of whether or not you like the look of these step bars for your particular vehicle or not.

    But don’t overlook this part either. There’s nothing wrong with buying an aftermarket part because you like the way it looks. And this is a valid and valuable first part to the buying experience of picking out new nerf bars for your truck or Jeep. Now once you’re certain you dig the style of a particular bar or board, then you can move on to other considerations. But you really need to start here.

    With nerf bars and running boards, you have a number of great options. All of the product we sell in these categories are going to help you get into and out of your vehicle. But not all of them will fit your style or the look of your truck or Jeep.

    For instance, some of us are really into chrome. And if you’ve got chrome trim on your vehicle or other chrome accessories, you’re probably going to want a step bar or running board that matches that trim.

    I know. Matching makes it sound like I’m talking about shoes and belts, but this is the kind of consideration you should be making when purchasing a product like this that will be on your vehicle for years to come.

    If you mostly have OEM matte black trim and aftermarket accessories that are black on your truck or Jeep, then you’ll be wanting to get a nerf bar that matches that color instead of course.

    When it comes to these DropSteps, we’re all about that matte black. That’s not to say these bars won’t go well with other trim styles or colors, but they seem tailor made to fit black trim in particular.

    Next you’ll want to consider whether you want to go with one style over another as far as shape is concerned. For instance, running boards are more of long planks that have large step areas that run most of the length of the board. Some customers really like the look and practicality of it. Others want a nerf bar that has a designated step area.

    When it comes to these hoop style or drop steps in general, such as the ICI Magnum RT nerf steps, many customers like them for their angular look and their drop down nature. These steps hang down a bit closer to the ground, making stepping up into your vehicle easy and natural.

    All of these aspects really need to be thought over before purchasing your new step bars.

    Some of the final parts to really take into account though are durability and your own personal climate.

    Some steps are made out of aluminum, and others are made from various thicknesses of steel. Be careful when you’re thinking about which steps to purchase. If a step is made of steel, but it’s only 16 gauge, that bar is not heavy duty at all. Likewise, while aluminum bars are way lighter, they aren’t quite as durable as heavy duty steel either. However, aluminum bars won’t rust when they get wet, so they do have a great edge on this part.

    When it comes to these particular DropSteps from Raptor, you’re looking at true heavy duty 10 gauge steel. This is thick steel that can handle up to 500 lbs worth of weight. So we aren’t talking about flimsy bars here. These things are capable of handling heavy loads and then some.

    And when it comes to dealing with rough winter climates, like those we experience here in the Midwest, the superior e-coating on these puppies protects the steel underneath against rust and oxidation.

    Really Raptor has made a superior product here. These steps are built to last and can take a beating too. And when you consider the cost next to what you’re getting, they really become a great value. And with the added peace of mind of that limited 10 year warranty, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better pair of step bars than these. The Raptor Series DropSteps are durable, built to last, and backed by one of the best manufacturer warranties in the business. Pickup your new DropSteps today!

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