BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Cover

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BAK Revolver X4

BAK in Matte!

A brand new release for 2018, the Revolver X4 takes hard roll up tonneau covers to the next level. With all the great features of the X2, plus a new finish and Premium upgrades, the Revolver X4 offers great security and a low-profile design.

Looking for the latest in roll-up hard cover tonneau? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Midwest Aftermarket, we only carry top grade. And we’re gonna be straight with you until the end of days. The BAK Revolver x4 is the creme-de-la-Bak of rolling covers. And she’s “backed” up by hard interlocked aluminum slats. That’s right, I said slats!

If you love that hard tonneau protection but crave that roll-up style, the Revolver line is perfect for you. And if the only way you rock Black is if it’s Matte, I don’t even know why you’re hesitatin’. BAK has you covered, literally and figuratively. These days we all know Matte finish is where it's at. BAK nailed it with their MX4, but if you aren’t lookin’ to fold, but rather to roll, the Revolver X4 is your new truck bed cover.

We’ve got weatherproof seals. The premium Bak vinyl top is sick. Low profile? There’s none lower. This baby lays flat with your rails, for an ultra low profile. You liked the X2? You’re gonna marry the X4! With a patented locking system--no velcro or snaps here--this tonneau is about as secure as a truck bed cover can get. You need full truck bed access and a tonneau that doesn’t block your rearview? BAK Revolver X4 has both of those in spades. You ready for all the technical specs?

BAK Revolver X4 Specs

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the BAK Revolver X4:

  • Aluminum (or as the Brits say, Al-lugh-men-E-um) slats wrapped in industrial-grade vinyl
  • Super hot matte black finish
  • Easy install--no special tools or drilling required
  • Rotational locking rails included at no extra cost--patented baby!
  • Automatic slam latch controlled at either side of the truck bed
  • Easy to secure; simple to release. Just roll it back for full truck bed access
  • Compatible with 93% of 5th wheel hitches
  • Revolver x4 can support upwards of 400 lbs, evenly distributed across the whole cover
  • Lock the retracted cover in place at your cab using simple snap in straps
  • Industry leading 3-year warranty
  • Did we mention the whole package is made right here in the US of A? Cause...yeah, it is

A Premium Update & Upgrade from the X2

So I don't know if you've read my X2 review or not. I'll just assume you're missing out. Here's the cliff notes: the Revolver X2 was the apotheosis of Hard Roll-up Tonneau covers--the best there ever would be, until now. The new champion, pinnacle hard rolling pickup bed cover is without a doubt the Revolver X4.

Secondly, don't you dare sit on your tonneau like in the image above. Don't get me wrong, that's a great pic of the bay and a couple enjoying their X4. I get it. But seriously, manufacturers, don't encourage peeps to do this. I know the X4 can handle upwards of 400 lbs. of weight when evenly distributed across the whole cover. I get it.

But that rating is meant to give you piece of mind when it comes to things like snow or setting your brewski filled cooler temporarily on top of your cover while setting up to tailgate the big game.

I digress. But seriously, while our CEO has even walked across a number of tonneau covers, including those from BAK, we really don't recommend making a habit of it. Disclaimer over.

The Revolver X4 is so easy to roll-up whenever you need full bed access. Just release the locks, and roll. You can even roll it one handed from the tailgate or take your time and work your way to the cab. And closing the tonneau back up is just as easy.

Undercarriage and Security

While you've seen her from the side, saw that sweet ultra low-profile physique, what really makes the Revolver X4 special is what's underneath. By that I mean those Heavy Duty Interlocked Aluminum slats. They overlap each other, meaning that there is no way to pierce through the vinyl top and the aluminum undercarriage to get to your stuff.

This is one of the aspects we love about the Revolver X4. It has that nice vinyl top with the new premium Matte finish, and hidden underneath is the metal that protects your gear.

A hard roll up tonneau really is the best of both worlds. You've got the easy access to your entire bed that a roll-up tonneau provides. But most roll-up covers are vinyl top soft covers, meaning a simple knife could penetrate your truck bed. But a hard tonneau adds that security to protect whatever you're hauling.

Many tonneau covers on the market today are still vulnerable along the edges though too. Some even use velcro or weather sealing to secure the pickup truck cover along your bed rails. But the Revolver X4 has those locking blocks designed to prevent this. And when she's locked in place with the tailgate up, it is nigh impossible to get into without using some serious tools and taking significant time.

That's security I can get behind, but how exactly does this system work and why is BAK a step ahead of the other guys when it comes to design, innovation, and security?

Patented Rotational Locking Rails

When you slam the tonneau closed, the Locking Level is depressed into place, causing the Locking Rails/Tooth to secure the tonneau in place. Hardcore security.

Locking Blocks

These locking blocks ride on a rail, providing extra support across the length of the tonneau and sealing the cover against would-be thieves and the weather.

Locked along the Length of the Truck Bed

The red part above is the locking tooth secured in place. It is what hold the tonneau secure. And even though it is not visible from the outside, it runs the length of the bed.

Gorgeous Low Profile, No Velcro, No Snaps

First, admire that view. The sleek look of the vinyl top complements that matte black premium finish. This is a nice looking truck bed cover.

Alright, enough gawking. Let's talk about how Ithis baby seals at the side. With the Rotational Locking Rails and Locking Tooth, the Locking Blocks, and those Interlocked Aluminum slats, this tonneau becomes truly top notch when it comes to security.

When you got the looks and the goods to back 'em up, that's when you can really start to flaunt it. And the BAK Revolver X4 has all those goods. While some other tonneau covers on the market are secured along the sides using velcro or snaps, BAK knows better. From the top, the X4 looks just like that vinyl cover so many truck owners crave. But underneath there is all that added security you need. Is that a win-win-win? Or am I miscounting?

And since this roll-up cover is so easy to roll up and/or to close, it really is the best of each type of tonneau. You've got the full bed access you need with the tonneau protection your stuff has to have.

And somehow, the Revolver X4 still manages to keep a crazy low profile. Is that 4x the wins?

DIY Install you can do in your own Garage

No Drill Clamps

With a wrench and a screwdriver, you can attach these clamps to secure the tonneau rails to your bed rails

Universal Tailgate Seal

This improved tailgate seal can be shut with your tailgate up (or down). No more worries about closing the tailgate.

Thicker Heavy Duty Locking Levers

Everything is upgraded. Stronger aluminum slats. Thicker locking levers. Reinforced locking rails and blocks. Winning.

Full Truck Bed Access

An additional feature that puts BAK ahead of the game here with the X4 is the fact that when rolled up, you gain complete access to the entirety of your truck bed. This is yet another area where the Revolver X4 excels

Many retractable tonneau covers have big storage containers at the bulkhead that take up a lot of space. Most folding tonneau covers aren't able to offer complete access either, and they are typically much harder to open and close than a roll-up.

Enter the Revolver X4. Offering the easy access of a retractable, with the security of a hard folding cover, and the look of a soft vinyl. But how much of your back window does it cover when fully rolled up?

Many tri-folds suffer from this issue. Once folded up to give you full bed access (or nearly full access), the tri-fold blocks out all of your rear window. This is obviously unsafe, and many manufacturers even advise owners not to drive with their tonneau completely opened. Kinda a waster, right?

But the X4 covers up a small fraction of your rear window, still offering a good view. We tested it out in one of our F-150 crew cabs, and found the tonneau actually sits about even with the rear seat head rests. Safety and security. Hard to beat the Revolver X4.

Tonneau Apotheosis, the Redux

I know I just can't stop going with this X4, but BAK has taken it to the next level. This tonneau is covered by a 3 Year Warranty, has all these great features, and it just looks sick.

Let's face it. BAK had me at Matte. I hear that classic AC/DC song every time I think about BAK's MX4 and now their X4: "Back in Black." Cause now, not only is it "BAK in Black," it's also "BAK in Matte."

This new Matte finish is great for OEM style aftermarket parts, OE stock parts, and even Street Style fender flares and matte black visors and accent pieces.

And that low profile finish. I mean, just look at it. This sick tonneau is now launching, as of this writing. You best pre-order yours soon cause they are going to go fast.

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