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The TruXedo TruXport

A Soft Roll Up Cover that Won’t Break the Bank

When customers are in the market for tonneau covers, they often consider two things first:

What Type of Tonneau Cover Should I get?


How much is this gonna cost me?

Well, if you’re in the market for a soft roll up cover, we’re happy to tell you that TruXedo has a top quality fabric vinyl cover, the TruXport, that is affordable and durable. Let’s break it all down for you and show you the real value behind the soft rolling truck bed cover.

Bullet Point Breakdown

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the TruXedo TruXport:

  • Super Low Profile--sits just 1 and a half inches above your truck bed
  • Opens and closes super easily
  • Dual paddle latches, one located at each side of the truck by the tailgate, to unlock / lock with ease
  • Vinyl High Quality Leather Grain Fabric, gives it that tuxedo look
  • Tensions controls are pre-set, keeping the cover tight and snug no matter the time of year
  • Straight cross tubes give the TruXport that sleek, low profile appeal
  • Affordability doesn’t have to mean low quality with TruXedo
  • Backed by TruXedo’s 5 Year Warranty
  • Made Right Here in the USA
  • Supports American Workers
  • Install is easy and no special tools are required--no drilling involved at all

All the Pros with None of the Cons

TruXedo TruXport a Soft Roll Up Ahead of the Pack

When it comes to Soft Roll Ups, most people think of vinyl top rolling covers. And you wouldn’t be wrong to picture that. And while the TruXport has the roll up part, TruXedo has opted for an upgraded finish. Their Leather Grain Fabric has a great look and feel, not unlike vinyl covers do. But unlike many other vinyl covers which can crack and fade, this TruXedo fabric is built to last. We recommend using their Pro-Tex spray cleaner to extend the life and condition of your TruXport even longer.

Again, the little upgrades are what shines with the TruXport. And the look of the cover is the first one most will notice. Seeing the little leather like grains, gives the TruXport (pronounced Truck-sport) that added curb appeal.

Part of what initially intrigues me about the TruXport is that low profile look. Often times when customers are looking for a low profile tonneau cover, they either need to shell out the big bucks for a retractable or go with a roll up cover like this one. But so many soft vinyl roll up covers aren’t as low profile as you might think they are.

The reason has to do with the construction.

So many roll up tonneau covers bow upwards in the middle. This is partially to help water and snow slide off the cover more easily. And it has to do with what I like to call the skeleton of the soft cover.

What you see on the outside of a soft roll up truck bed cover is just the topping or the vinyl / fabric that is stretched over the top of the skeleton. But underneath are the tubes that support and give the cover its shape. Some of these covers have bars that bend upwards. While most companies claim that this is to help with drainage, typically it has more to do with issues with tension control than anything else.

But there is no bowing with TruXport. Instead, their tubes are perfectly straight and sit low on the tonneau rails. This makes it so that the TruXport only rides 1.5” above your truck bed rails, giving you a super low profile soft cover.

Again, if this is your first tonneau cover, you might not even realize that other covers don’t have this feature. And the TruXport handles the elements just fine even without that undesirable bump in the middle.

The reason is that she comes with a pre-set tensioner. The engineers over at TruXedo took the extra time to get exact fitment measurements for each and every make / model / and year truck on the market. Then they set the tension controls at the factory before the product is ever even on the shelves. And there you have it. A tonneau cover that sits perfectly flat and is still well sealed and able to drain water away from the top of it without that unsightly bump in the middle.

That’s what I call Low Profile!

Why you need a Tonneau Cover

Let’s start here.

Every truck owner needs a tonneau cover.

There. I said it.

I know that some of you might not agree, but if you’re browsing for a truck bed cover, then you probably know what I mean already. Know we could get into semantic style arguments. Do I really need one or do I just want one? But that sounds more like an argument I’d have and lose with / to my wife than one I’d have with the Internets.

In other words, you know what I mean. Without a truck bed cover, like this TruXedo TruXport, you aren’t really utilizing you truck bed in its entirety. And I know, because I’ve been there. I can remember the days, not so long ago, when I didn’t have a truck bed cover.

Play those sad violins, boys. Play ‘em loud!

My first truck was old school. It was a Chevy C/K for god’s sake. And I beat her up and wore her out, and I never even knew that tonneau covers existed.

But now that I know, I think back to all the ways and times I could have used a truck bed cover. And I think of all the times my stuff got rained on or something flew out the back of my truck bed or I just didn’t go run those errands because the weather was crappy out. Maybe those were mostly excuses back then. I don’t know. But today, I don’t have to worry about it. Rain or shine, I do as I like. And that’s part of the beauty of having a tonneau cover. You can get the job done and keep your stuff dry and safe.

Security and your Tonneau

Now I know what some are thinking: isn’t a soft top vinyl, like the TruXedo TruXport one of the least secure truck bed cover types? Maybe. Maybe not. Let me explain.

First off, it doesn’t matter how many arguments you get into with some guy in a Denny’s parking lot--having a tonneau cover already makes your truck bed more secure than someone without a tonneau cover. There. I went there, and lived to tell about it, Denny’s parking lot arguing guy!

Here’s the quick and dirty of it: Hard to steal something if you don’t know its there.

That doesn’t mean that soft roll up covers aren’t easier to get into than some other covers. Of course they are. If you’ve got a knife and it's late at night, or a crow bar and you're somewhere out of sight, or a sledgehammer in the middle of the day someplace no one will notice the loud noises…

Point is: if someone wants to get into your truck bed, and they have the right tools and motivation, they’ll get in. So the first step to protecting your stuff is just to keep it out of sight. And a soft roll up cover will certainly do that just fine.

Here’s one I love to tell about my family. Again they used to all be carpenters, so we’d be around doing odd jobs and mostly roofing all the time.

The Non-Tonneau Debacle

It’s an oldie but a goodie. And basically it goes a little something like this. I was a young gun, and foolish and pig headed. Yeah, pretty much.

So we grew up in a small town in southern Illinois, and we did most of our jobs there too. One summer, I must have been about 17 years old or so, we were doing a roofing job in our hometown. Again, think like 2,000 people small--that’s how big this place was. Anyway, I had my truck, and my pop had his. His truck at least had a couple side mounted tool boxes on it. But my old C/K was as naked as the day she was born.

Anyway, he’s finishing up a few things, while I’m packing up stuff for the day, and he tells me to go ahead and start loading the truck. So I grabbed a couple tool boxes and started huffing. When I came around to the front of the house to where we had parked, I didn’t even think about it. I just threw the two tool boxes in the back of my truck.

Let’s be honest. I was being a lazy teenager. My dad’s truck was parked a little further away. I wasn’t really thinking about anything. And I thought the tool boxes will be safe. No big deal.

Now at least give me this much credit: I did put the two air guns in his mounted tool box. I did think to do that. But once I’d loaded up pretty much everything save a compressor I want a hand with, I just stood around--probably smoking. Those were different times, back when I was a smoker--when it was normal if you were a worker like a roofer out in the summer heat, to be smoking.

Anyway, my dad wrapped up all his work, and came over to give me a hand with the compressor. And as we’re coming around the side of the house, I saw the guys grabbing the tool boxes. They were throwing them into the back seat of an old ‘80’s era Monte Carlo. You know, the boxy ones that drove like a boat. Anyway, they stole those tool boxes and just as I put down the compressor and took off after them, they sped off.

And boy did I feel like a jackass.

But my dad was pretty cool about it. Said he would have probably done the same thing. But I knew better. He was just being nice. I was glad they didn’t make off with anything too expensive, but we still had to replace a lot of tools, so it added up. Think I spent most of my summer’s earnings just buying replacements for my dad. Again, he was pretty cool about it. But you better bet I learned a lesson about securing my sh!t even when I was somewhere I thought was pretty safe. Heck, I think I rushed putting that stuff in the back probably so I could go out quicker and see some girl. Today, I take my time so I don’t have to go home to one. Haha! The irony! The irony.

Just kiddin’, honey, if you’re reading this.

My points pretty clear, I guess. Can’t steal something if you don’t know its there.

And you know what I have on my truck today? A soft roll up tonneau cover.

So don’t tell me for a second that having a vinyl roll up like the TruXedo TruXport doesn’t make your gear more secure, because of course it does.

Additional Great Pros to Soft Rollups like the TruXport

And cause I know haters are gonna hate, here’s some additional really great bonus features to going with a soft roll up over a tri-fold or retractable:

  • True 100% Bed Access--roll up for full bed access with ease
  • More lightweight than any other style cover
  • More affordable than most other covers
  • Lower profile than most
  • Solid weatherproofing
  • Reduces drag just like other more expensive covers
  • And has that sweet, sleek vinyl look too!

Alright. Enough yammer. Go ahead and get yourself one. You know you’re gonna love it.

Our Promise of Exceptional Service and the Lowest Prices on the Interwebs

When you’re ready to order your new TruXedo TruXport, we hope you’ll get yours from us here at Midwest Aftermarket. We only promote products we believe in and sell them at the lowest prices, shipping quickly to you for free if you’re in the lower 48 states. We have an excellent return policy and strive to get you the right product in perfect condition the first time.

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