UnderCover Elite LX Truck Bed Lid

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    UnderCover Elite LX Truck Bed Lid

    Top of the Line Paint to Match Truck Bed Lid from UnderCover

    A Truck Bed Lid to rule them all--the Elite LX from UnderCover has all the great features of the Elite plus it comes painted to match your manufacturer paint job. Backed by UnderCover’s Lifetime Warranty on paint and structure, this baby will look like it came stock while protecting your gear and keeping your truck bed dry. When it comes to truck bed covers and tonneau covers, one piece truck bed lids, like the Elite LX, are some of the most secure and water tight around. While we hesitate to say that the Elite LX will keep all the elements out of your truck bed, these style covers are some of the best when it comes to dealing with extreme weather conditions. Featuring an integrated lock and a removable LED light, this truck bed lid is useful and looks good while doing it. The carpet lined underside of the cover screams luxury. And what else might the LX in Elite LX stand for but that. If you’re looking for a cover that is going to protect whatever your hauling while looking like it belongs on the back of your truck bed, look no further than the Elite LX from UnderCover.

    Bullet Point Breakdown of the UnderCover Elite LX Truck Bed Lid

    No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the UnderCover Elite LX Truck Bed Lid:

    • A Truck Bed Lid Painted to Match your Factory Paint Job
    • Underside is lined in Premium Carpet Headliner
    • This gives the truck bed lid a finished and luxurious look
    • Super durable, featuring UnderCover’s X-Effect Design
    • EPDM double bulb seal keeps the weather out from under your cover and in your bed
    • Integrated and removable LED Light helps you find what you’re looking for under your truck bed cover
    • Handy caro retriever tool stores within the truck bed lid
    • This makes getting items from the front of your truck bed super easy and convenient
    • UnderCover’s tonneau covers are made in the USA by American Workers
    • Factory paint job is completed using Axalta waterborne paints
    • This process ensures a perfect match to your OEM paint job and superior weather protection
    • The LX handle is easy to use and has a streamlined OE look too
    • This lockable truck bed lid is about as secure as a truck bed cover can possibly be without adding on a trained guard dog (sold separately)
    • Weight rated for upwards of 500 pounds evenly distributed weight, this cover is tough as nails
    • Super light weight, most UnderCover Elite LX covers weigh around 70 pounds
    • Wall mount hardware is included to make this cover easy to store when not on your truck bed
    • Installation is super easy and requires no cutting or drilling
    • Made from UV Protected ABS Composite, painted to match your truck’s color
    • This is a top of the line truck bed lid from a reputable US manufacturer
    • The most premium one-piece in UnderCover’s current lineup
    • No need to have it painted to match on your own dime
    • UnderCover takes care of the paint job for you with this superior product
    • The Elite LX: Luxury, Durability, and Color Matched--the Truck Bed Lid to Rule Them All

    UnderCover Elite LX Truck Bed Lid

    Tonneau covers are the aspect that complete your truck. Ever since I was young, I felt that a truck without a tonneau was incomplete. If when you look at your truck bed it feels like something is missing, you need a tonneau cover.

    These truck bed covers are designed to protect your gear and equipment that is stored underneath. Top level covers like truck bed lids offer superior security and weather protection as well. So when shopping for a potential cover, you really need to consider which style is best for you and which completes your truck bed the best.

    When it comes to choosing a particular style you should think about what you like and what you want to use your truck bed for most often.

    Personally, I am partial to vinyl covers, but I really like any truck bed cover that completes your truck bed or just feels like it belongs there. There’s nothing wrong with considering personal preference when it comes to truck bed covers.

    The UnderCover Elite LX first caught my eye because I could get it color match painted to fit my truck specifically. Whether you have a blue truck, a red one, or a sweet orange pickup, that truck bed lid will match your color exactly.

    This was definitely something that appealed to me. If you like the notion of getting a truck bed lid that first your style and the color of your vehicle then you should definitely be considering the Elite LX.

    Once you take a good hard look at which style appeals to you, you’ll want to think about security and how you use your truck bed.

    While I like the soft vinyl cover as far as looks are concerned, these covers are generally not considered to be the most secure. Soft roll up covers are easy to use but they aren’t very hard to get into either. And for most covers in this category, you should expect to see some minor leaks around the edges and in the corners.

    So if what’s most important for you is security, you’ll probably want to steer clear. Likewise, if you want your bed to be as water tight as possible, soft roll ups are not the cover style for you.

    Folding covers are more secure than soft roll ups. And retractables are even more so, but when it comes to the top of the line as far as security goes, you really have to start looking at one piece solid covers, like truck bed lids.

    The Elite LX from UnderCover it one solid piece, meaning there aren’t any gaps or folds that can easily be broken into. Likewise, the lack of gaps and the one piece style means it is more likely to keep water out too because there aren’t many areas where water could really get in.

    The added security of the integrated locking mechanism at the tailgate means you can lock this cover shut as well, so you’ll need a key to unlock and raise it up.

    While most of us these days have locking tailgates, this is just a great added measure to make it even harder to break in under this tonneau.

    Personally, I have seen demonstrations before where individuals have been able to reach underneath soft vinyl covers, pull the release latch or rope, and unlock that cover and get in quite easily. So the added security of a lock is just great for this truck bed lid.

    And when it comes to weather sealing, the Elite LX has a Double Seal System that uses solid EPDM seals to keep water out.

    It’s hard to find a tonneau cover that is truly water tight, but this truck bed lid is at the top of the category as far as keeping rain and snow out of your truck bed is concerned. And the seals help keep it dry regardless of the climate you live in.

    Once you open this tonneau up, you’ll see that it includes some great premium upgrades as well on top of the sweet matching paint job. The underside of the truck bed lid is lined in marine grade carpet which gives this cover a luxurious finished look and feel. There’s really an element of style here that is hard to match.

    The Elite LX also features a sweet removable LED lighting system that can illuminate the entire truck bed. This LED light can also be removed and hung elsewhere via the integrated hook or by using the magnet attached to it. This is a really versatile light option that is stored within the cover itself.

    Finally, the LX has a great cargo retriever tool stored right within the cover itself too. This tool allows you to reach items that have slide to the very front of the bed up against your cab too, making getting stuff out of your truck bed super easy.

    At the end of the day, there are very few downsides to getting a truck bed lid like the Elite LX from Under Cover. One of the only issues you might run into has to do with this style of cover more than the LX specifically.

    One of the issues you might run into with a truck bed lid is hauling something larger or taller than your bed rails. Since this tonneau is all one piece, if the item you’re looking to put in your truck bed is too tall, it simply won’t fit underneath the cover. With roll up covers or tri-folds, you’d just open the cover partially or all the way and get full bed access or something close to it.

    But you really don’t have this option with a truck bed lid. So typically this is one of the few downsides to this particular model.

    However, the Elite LX is super easy to install and remove, and since on average this cover only weighs around 70 to 100 pounds, two people can easily take the truck lid off the bed. And this particular cover comes with wall mounting hardware, so it won’t take up a bunch of space in your garage either.

    The Elite LX thus makes up for the one possible shortcoming of any truck bed lid by allowing you full truck bed access when you need it and that sweet color matched cover when you want it.

    And just think that when you buy from UnderCover you are also getting American made products and supporting US Workers. UnderCover manufactures their Elite LX right here in the United States. So if you want a quality cover that is painted to match and designed to keep your gear secure and your truck bed as dry as possible, you really should consider the UnderCover Elite LX.

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