UnderCover Elite Truck Bed Lid

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    UnderCover Elite Truck Bed Lid

    A One-Piece Truck Bed Lid Designed with Style and Security in Mind

    Featuring an upgraded removable LED light and an integrated locking mechanism, the UnderCover Elite Truck Bed Lid is one of the most stylish and secure truck bed covers on the market today. Weight rated for upwards of 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight, this lightweight (on average around 70 pounds) one-piece solid cover has an excellent double seal system and is made of out superior ABS Composite. If you’re looking for a lockable one piece cover that is built to last, the UnderCover Elite is a great option for you to check out.

    Bullet Point Breakdown of the UnderCover Elite Truck Bed Lid

    No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the UnderCover Elite Truck Bed Lid:

    • A Superior Truck Bed Lid with Built in Illumination System
    • Made of a lightweight ABS Composite that is capable of supporting upwards for 7 times its weight
    • UnderCover’s patented X-Effect design adds strength and stability to the truck lid
    • The X-Effect pattern is visible on the underside of the cover
    • Capable of supporting up to 500 lbs. of evenly distributed weight
    • Super easy to remove and store
    • You can even hang the truck bed lid on the wall of your garage using included wall mount hardware
    • The ABS composite construction has advanced UV protection
    • Excellent weather sealing from the Double Seal System, helps keep the weather and rain out
    • Removable LED light is useful both when mounted and when unlatched to direct light under the cover
    • The removable light comes with a hook and a magnet for hanging or attaching it to direct light where you need it
    • Integrated locking mechanism keeps your truck bed secure when you have valuables stored underneath your cover
    • The key lock keeps the cover in place and makes the UnderCover Elite one of the most secure covers on the market
    • This cover comes with an integrated cargo retriever too
    • Stored on the underside of the truck lid itself, this retriever makes getting items at the front of your bed super easy
    • The new integrated handle is easy to use and matches OE style trim
    • Available in a textured black finish or smooth ready to paint option
    • Highly recommend professional paint job for color match options
    • Installation of the cover is super easy
    • No drilling or cutting necessary for this DIY install
    • Backed by UnderCover’s 3 year warranty
    • This matte black truck bed lid has style and advanced security with integrated lock
    • Made in the USA, over in Rogersville, MO
    • Your purchase supports American workers
    • This truck bed cover is custom fit for your year, make, model truck
    • Constructed of ABS plastic or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a thermoplastic polymer that is durable and weather resistant
    • A great truck bed lid that is built to last and at a great price too

    UnderCover Elite Truck Bed Lid

    A truck bed lid that has all the flare and none of the nonsense--the UnderCover Elite solid one piece cover has a stylish look and a protective edge.

    Designed to custom fit your truck bed and protect everything underneath it against rain, wind, snow, and ice as well as prying eyes, the Elite does all that while looking great too. With options for a matte black textured finish or a paintable smooth one that can be custom matched to your vehicle, this is a great one piece cover at an excellent price. Do note that painting the Elite involves you handling the paint job yourself or hiring it out. If you’re looking for a painted to match option that arrives at your door ready to install, you’ll want the UnderCover Elite LX.

    And UnderCover hasn’t skimped on any features either. This sweet truck bed lid has an integrated locking system designed to keep the truck bed lid closed when you are on the go.

    One of the most secure truck bed cover styles, truck bed lids are solid one piece tonneau covers that have hinges or prop rods designed to tilt the cover up to gain access to your tools and gear stored underneath.

    This bad boy is super strong, able to handle upwards of 500 pounds worth of evenly distributed weight such as snow or ice, and yet it is nearly half the weight of similar truck bed lids made of traditional fiberglass. This new design made from ABS plastic is more durable and has a higher weight rating than those old school style truck bed lids. And it looks good doing it too.

    The UnderCover Elite comes with wall mounts as well. You can easily hang this truck bed lid on the wall of your home garage for easy storage. One of the key issues with some truck bed lids and one piece solid covers is storage and removal. If you don’t have a great place to store most fiberglass style lids, that can be a huge pain in the butt too. This can even be a deterrent to purchasing an old truck bed lid. But with UnderCover’s Elite lid, you don’t have to worry about any of this because the cover can be hung on your wall out of the way very easily.

    Superior Truck Bed Lid Design

    When it comes to tonneau covers and truck bed lids, a lot of the buying decisions come down to personal preference. The first thing I always tell people is make sure you get a truck bed cover that you think looks good on your truck. If you don’t like the way it looks, then why get it in the first place.

    But chances are pretty good that there will be several styles or types of tonneau covers that you might like. Honestly, there are a few in each category that I think would just look great on my truck. Sometimes you have to go beyond looks to really make the decision on which cover to get.

    For some of us, the next limiting factor could be cost of the cover. With UnderCover, you’re getting some really good, affordable products here. And if you want to step up just a bit, you can even upgrade to the UnderCover Elite LX for even more juicy cover goodness.

    So maybe cost isn’t the defining factor this time around either. Then you’ve really gotta consider how you use your truck bed in the first place and what you want to get out of your truck bed cover.

    For most of us, the second part of that question has to do with security and the elements.

    9 out of ten truck cover owners say they purchased their truck bed cover to keep rain out or to keep their tools and gear secure.

    But not all truck bed covers are as good at doing those two things as any other cover out there. When it comes to security and keeping rain and wind out, there are a few types of covers that do better than the rest of the lot.

    When it comes to security, the least secure covers out there are probably soft covers. This isn’t really that much of an issue for soft roll up owners though because most of them have picked this cover specifically for its style, affordability, ease of access, and true full bed access.

    Next up we have hard folding covers. These are typically more secure than soft covers, but still not as secure as some of the other types on the market. Folding covers tend to be solid and durable, but while they are easy to fold up, they rarely offer complete true full bed access. So again, you have a trade off. And they aren’t generally as easy to fold up as a roll up is to roll up. Yet folding tonneau covers tend to come in right at a sweet spot for truck owners. They aren’t too expensive, and they are kind of the jack of all trades. They aren’t the best at most things customers want from a tonneau, but they are very solid covers and great all arounders.

    From there you get your retractables. These covers tend to be very secure and pretty water proof. But since the cover has to retract up into a canister, you’ll never be able to have true 100% bed access with a retractable cover.

    And then we arrive at the most secure and water resistant covers on the market: one-piece truck bed lids, like the UnderCover Elite.

    It is hard to get a more secure cover than a solid one-piece that also locks in place. And since the cover itself sits on your bed caps, it looks like it belongs there and with excellent double seals like on the Elite, it keeps most of the elements out.

    But just as all the other covers had some kind of drawback, one-piece covers do too. The most glaring issue many customers have with a solid truck bed lid are that you can’t have full bed access with one installed. Since these covers hinge up near the bulkhead, you can’t put something against your bulkhead that is taller than the truck bed rim itself. And if you need to move big furniture or appliances, this can be very frustrating.

    So even a great truck bed lid, the most secure of all tonneau covers, has this one shortcoming.

    But not the UnderCover Elite.

    This ultra lightweight bed lid has one huge feature that many one piece truck bed covers don’t have. It is easily removable and can hang on the wall of your garage with included wall mounts.

    Since this bad boy is made out of ABS, it is super durable yet very lightweight. We’re talking under a hundred pounds, for most applications around 70 lbs. So when you truly need that full bed access to move something larger, the Elite is easy to remove and hang on the wall, and then you simply reinstall it later. And again, the installation is super easy. You can do all of this in the comfort of your own garage.

    Finally, a truck bed lid that has all the positive features of a solid one piece without any of the drawbacks. The UnderCover Elite is truly a front runner in this category of tonneau covers.

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