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Fender Flares

Fender Flares

Fender Flares are the part of the wheel well that extends out away from the body of your vehicle. Sometimes these are stock, but more often Flares are aftermarket parts. There are four typical reasons why customers are in the market for fender flares:

  • They look freakin’ sweet!

  • They can cover rust or damage or replace a damaged fender flare

  • Some State laws require them if you have a particularly large wheel.

  • Flares help protect your vehicle from damage.

There are four to six different styles of Fender Flares, depending on whom you ask, and you may want a particular style to meet a particular need--such as replacing a damaged OEM fender or meeting a State required width. Speaking of, some States have Vehicle Equipment Laws that may make your Fender Flares mandatory. Check out your Department of Public Safety (DPS) and/or Department of Motorized Vehicles (DMV) for specific laws governing your vehicle mods. In general, most States that do have such laws require that the fender is wide enough to at least cover the tire tread. Again, do some research just in case before you get a nasty ticket. Whether it be for a law or to cover damage/rust, all of the wheel fenders we sell will have the dimensions listed in either the “More Info” or “Vehicle Fitment” tab at the bottom of the page. Flare Height will tell you how far above the wheel well the fender trim extends, and Tire Coverage will tell you how far out away from the vehicle the fender extends to cover the tire. If you are wondering why these laws exist, this is mainly to prevent any vehicle’s tires from flinging rock and road debris at any fellow motorist. Above and beyond this, Fenders can also help protect your vehicle’s paint job and wheel well from similar damage, so even if your State doesn’t have a law requiring them, we highly recommend a set. They protect your finish, add value to your vehicle, and make it look pretty kickass! We sell Fenders in sets of four or two (front or rear), so make sure you double check that you are ordering the proper product before you check out. No matter what your reason for browsing, we’ve got the Fender Flares for you here at Midwest Aftermarket.

Mad Stylings

The many styles of Fender Flares each come in a variety of shapes and colors. Many are even paintable or may come to match your stock paint job. Keep in mind that ALL Fender Flares are custom fit, meaning they are made to match your specific pickup truck or Jeep. Many of the Fender Flares we sell require no drilling to install, but there are a few out there that may require minimal drilling. Again make sure to check the “More Info” and “Vehicle Fitment” tabs. Also, consult the manufacturer instructions for more details when installing.

OE Style

These style Wheel Fenders are designed to mimic the original fenders from back when you drove your pickup off the dealer’s lot. If you’re looking to try to keep that stock look, these are a great buy. Most of them can be painted to match your vehicle’s paint job as well. If you’re looking for a subdued look or just want small fenders to comply with State laws, these could be a great choice also.

Street Style

The next style is aptly called “street” and makes me think of the term “street legal.” These are low-profile Fenders similar in profile to stock trim, but different in style. They aren’t as wide or extreme as Pocket/Bolt or Extended style, but stand out more than OE Style. Many customers go with this style to, again, comply with State laws, but, unlike OE, to stand out from the crowd, as mounting four of these will show anyone looking at your ride that she’s modded. No one will mistake these Fenders for stock trim.

Bolt Style

Looking for a stand-out look? Something that makes you and your truck look badass? Now we’re talking! Bolt Style may be your jam. These fenders tend to have a taller height, extending up away from the wheel well, and they at least look like they are attached with bolts. In most cases these bolts are just decorative (just for show), but that doesn’t stop them from looking sweet.

Pocket Style

These Fenders are similar to Bolt Style except that they have a recessed “pocket” where the bolts are. This makes it look even more like the bolts are actually being used to attach the Fenders to your vehicle, even though, once again, they are likely just aesthetic.

Cut Out Style

Some manufacturers, such as Bushwacker, offer a third “Bolted” style known as Cut Out. These take the Pocket Bolt to the next level, shaving off that extra bit of separation between where the bolts are and the vehicle’s sidewall is. If you want the most extreme of Bolt styles, this is the one for you. If you ask me, these are some of the most rugged and badass fenders around.

Extended Style

For those who need (or desire) the most Tire Coverage, Extended Style provides. These typically offer the most extension away from the vehicle with a sleek and smooth finish. There are no bolts or recessed areas, so in a way these fenders often resemble OE Style except that they are wider and often taller too.

Where’s Your Flare?!

No matter what Fenders you decide to go with, we have what you want in stock and ready to ship here at Midwest Aftermarket. No matter what your stylings, we offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S., a 30-day money back guarantee, and a great selection of Flare for your Fender. Want to keep that stock finish: order a set of OE Style Fender Flares. Looking to stand out in the crowd without upgrading your wheel size: Street Style will let everyone know you are rocking a modded ride. Dig that Bolted look? Bolt, Pocket, or Cut Out will make you and your vehicle pop while offering solid protection to your wheel well and finish. Really need some massive Flares to protect your tire and your pocketbook from silly fines? Extended Style has you and your treads covered. Order today before your buddies start asking ya, “Where’s your Flare, bro?”