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FormFit Tough Guard Hood Protector

FormFit Tough Guard Hood Protectors

A Bolt On / Pocket Style Hood Guard

Introducing the First Ever Bolt On / Pocket Style Hood Protector: Tough Guard

The first and foremost thing you should take note of is that FormFit’s Tough Guard has recessed bolts on it that give it that rugged look many truck owners crave. If you’ve been waiting for a hood guard that matches your Pocket style or Bolt On style Flares, FormFit says you’re welcome! This patented style makes FormFit the first company ever to have a paintable hood protector that can match the most popular Fender Flare styles on the market today.

OEM Quality meets Aftermarket Durability: a Review

Tough Guard is made of ABS plastic top coated in acrylic that can be finished in two different sheens: textured swirl or smooth flat. But what do all those words really mean? ABS is a particular plastic polymer made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, an amorphous or shapeable, opaque (non-see through) thermoplastic. Why is all this useful? Thermoplastics, like ABS, are able to be molded. They can also be recycled. They are highly durable and can withstand temperatures upwards of 200 degrees (ABS melts or becomes a liquid around 220 degrees, for instance). Why is this all important?

Tough Guard won’t Chalk, Fade, or Breakdown

FormFit’s ABS plastic is protected against wind, rain, the Sun’s UV rays, extreme temperatures both hot and cold, and even the dreaded never ending forceful push of time itself. Oh, and did I mention bugs? Yeah, she’ll hold up against bugs and any other insect like creature that may bounce off your hood when you’re driving down the road. Tough Guard lives up to its name.

Paintable to Match your Existing Hardware

The acrylic top coat on the Tough Guard comes in two different finishes. The Textured Finish gives you a rugged look that is likely to match many OEM parts on your Truck or Jeep. The Smooth Finish is flat and can be painted. We, and FormFit, for that matter, recommend you have it painted by a professional in order to make sure the color matches your existing Aftermarket products, like paintable Fender Flares, for instance. These two finish options mean you can get your Tough Guard to match just about whatever paint job or texture or sheen you can imagine. Personally we like the Black Satin Finish cause it matches our sweet project truck for this year, but hey, each their own.

No Drill Installation

Most important point here is that you don’t have to drill into or damage your hood to install these bad boys. While the stainless steel bolts are mostly just for show--aesthetic only--they technically attach to a mounting bracket that is fastened to your hood using a 3M Automotive tape. The Tough Guard is also attached using patented mounting clips and stainless steel fasteners, but we’re pretty sure that 3M tape--which is no joke--is more than enough. Those looking for a sweet hood guard that doesn’t require any drilling to install need look no further. FormFit’s Tough Guard is the hood protector for you. As you can see from the image above, there is absolutely no contact between the bug deflector itself and your hood, so there is no risk to your paint job. FormFit has thought of everything!

FormFit Tough Guard

Unique Bolt On Style Bug Deflector & Hood Guard

If you’re in the market for a hood protector, you’ve found one of the best.

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