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Husky and WeatherTech Floor Mats & Liners

Maximum Floor Protection: Floor Liners

Whether you’ve been on the job site all day or out hunting or hiking in the woods, your shoes have gone through some disgusting shat that you wouldn’t want smashed into your floors at home nor your truck’s upholstery. You need some protection against the elements (and your muddy boots). Your pickup likely came with some generic carpet mats. But you’re here for some more Epic shielding against wear and stain. With so many options to choose from and multitudes of manufacturer terminology, how can you find the product you want with the level of armor you deserve? Let us walk you through the lingo.

A Barrier Against the Grime

All of our floor liners provide some ammo against dirt and destruction, but the rarity levels do vary. Just looking to replace a couple coffee stained original mats. Carpet floor mats (which we don't carry) offer only noob effective coverage. Have a kid or a significant other (or a best buddy) who is prone to spills of more cosmic proportions? Might be time to upgrade to some digital fit floor liners. Let’s break down the quality and effectiveness of these categories of floor defense. Since the terminology can be so strange and make the products hard to compare and discuss, we’ll break it all down like it’s a video game and we’re talkin’ equipment rarity levels.

Common: Carpet Mats

Carpet mats are likely what came with your vehicle when you purchased it. They are designed to catch some dirt and debris and soak up spills, though they aren’t particularly durable and stain fairly easily. Unless you are just looking to replace what came within your vehicle, you don’t want anything like this--nor would we sell you such a product.

Uncommon: Vinyl and/or Rubberized Mats

A slight step up from carpet, vinyl and/or rubberized mats are more “all-weather” than carpet. “All-weather” is a manufacturer term that basically means water-resistant. Vinyl won’t soak up snow or mud or muck or any liquid because it isn’t porous. However, these mats aren’t custom fit, so anything spilled on them might just roll right off onto your upholstery. Again, we don’t sell these because what’s the point of all-weather protection that just soils the sides of your floor board instead of the middle.

Rare: Semi-Custom Trim-to-Fit Thermoplastic Mats

A slight step up from vinyl/rubberized material, thermoplastics are more moldable and durable. Typically these mats have channels designed to funnel liquids away from the edges to prevent damage to the floorboard itself. They may need to be trimmed or cut a bit to make them fit perfectly, but this disadvantage is offset by cost--they’re a bit cheaper than true custom fit liners. However, any product that is labeled just a “mat” and doesn’t at least have the words “custom fit” in front of it is sub-par, not up to true Midwest Aftermarket standards.

Epic: Carpet Custom Fit Liner

Now we're talking. All of the products we offer are Epic level or better. Why? Custom Fit! Whether it is “custom,” “laser,” or “digital" fit, it all means the same thing for you as the consumer: these products are measured to fit your vehicle specifically. This means coverage that is perfect just for you--an epic level of armor! Typically if the product is called a floor “liner” that means it is custom fit, but do your research (or let us do it for you) carefully as this may not always be the case. Carpet custom fit liners offer great coverage but are still made of carpet, in other words, not water resistant. So they could stain and aren’t typically as easy to hose off when they get dirty. But if you are looking for something that is soft, these are great options. Lund’s Catch-It Carpet line is a great example of Carpet Custom Fit Liners. And remember, everything that we carry is at least Custom Fit--Epic rarity or better! 

Legendary: Vinyl/Rubberized Copolymer Custom Fit Liners

Water resistant and designed to fit your vehicle, these babies are next level! Vinyl/Rubberized Liners, such as Lund Catch-It Vinyl, MaxLiner, and Westin Wade Sure-Fit floor liners, have channels designed to direct the flow of liquid spills and muck away from the side-wall of the liner. Side-wall meaning that the edge of the liner actually follows or contours to your vehicle’s floorboard, keeping the disgusting muck from spoiling your ride’s upholstery. All of the products in this category offer superior protection of legendary status. But what if you only want the best of the best--the ultimate weapon in floor liners!

Ultimate: Thermoplastic/HDTE Digital/Laser Fit Liners

Here it is, folks--the top of the line floor liners. Legendary plus One! Here we have your Husky’s and your WeatherTech’s. What really sets these products apart is the material and the design. Both Husky and WeatherTech use digital laser technology to make sure their liners fit your vehicle perfectly, offering coverage that goes above and beyond the legendary. As if that weren’t enough, the thermoplastic (both products) and HDTE (high density tri-extruded--WeatherTech only) material these liners are composed of is both rigid and durable while being flexible during removal and cleaning. If you are looking for a more luxurious cushiony feel, Husky’s X-ACT line is premium level armor for your floors. Want a more rugged all-weather product? You can’t go wrong with WeatherTech’s Digital Fit FloorLiners or Husky’s WeatherBeater Liners. If you want us to make a desperate attempt to differentiate between these two top-of-the-line floor liners, you’ll have to explore our Product Center articles.

Armor Up!

Regardless of which level of rarity and protection you desire, you can’t go wrong with any of the floor liners (remember, "liner" means custom fit!) we offer here at Midwest Aftermarket. We don't cary anything less than the best, so you don't have to worry about selecting an inferior product when ordering from us: it's all epic or better quality--guaranteed! And don’t forget that we offer free shipping anywhere in the U.S., a 30-day money back guarantee, and a great selection of epic quality gear to shelter your floors from damage dealing debris and dirt. Whether you’re in the market for the Ultimate in floor liner technology or an Epic custom fit Carpet liner, let us be your armory: order your upgraded floor liner today!