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    NextBase 122 Dash Cam

    An affordable entry level dashboard camera

    Technology has evolved and adapted so that now for less than a Benjamin you can protect yourself and your loved ones against hit and runs and other traffic accidents by having a watchful eye always on the road ahead of you. Introducing the Next Base Series 2 Dash Cams, and their entry level device: the NextBase 122 HD Dash Camera. This device acts as an independent eye witness during accidents and traffic violations. HD Resolution Cameras used as video recorders to prevent insurance fraud and hit and runs was first popularized throughout most of Europe. As fraud tactics such as the Swoop and Squat and Drive Down become increasingly popular, the ability to protect yourself using a device that records accidents is even more important. This devices often can even lower car insurance premiums since you are saving your insurance company money by protecting yourself, your car, and your insurance company from fraudulent tactics. And the NextBase Series 2 Dash cams like the 122 also record while parked using their intelligent parking system to protect your vehicle from damage even when your away from the vehicle for upwards of 1 weeks time. Finally, this HD Camera records driving so you can use the footage to showcase the beautiful landscapes you may drive through while on the go daily or on vacation, all without being dangerous or interfering with your focus while driving. These devices record automatically, store to a local MicroSD card (not included) and in the cloud at, and does so at stand high definition, 720p resolution at 30 frames per second. That’s right! No more holding your smart phone up to snap a pic of the road ahead of you or try to catch footage of a wreck that you just witnessed ahead. The NextBase 122 films it all for you at superior frames rates with excellent video quality. Let’s check out more details on this great dash cam from NextBase.

    Bullet Point Breakdown of the NextBase 122 Dash Cam

    No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the NextBase 122 Dash Cam:

    • Records the road ahead of you to provide an independent driver record of accidents
    • Can reduce insurance premiums
    • High quality video footage protects you against accident fraud and hit and runs
    • Intelligent parking mode monitors your vehicle for bumps and knocks via a G Force sensor on the camera
    • Save money on accident insurance, insurance cost, and catch bad drivers in the act
    • Superior accident protection
    • An Independent source of record
    • Speeds up insurance claims via helpful aid to your insurance agent
    • Stores footage on a memory card locally and in the cloud at
    • Mounts discretely behind or near your rear view mirror
    • Click and Go Pro magnetic mount makes mounting and unmounting the 122 Dash Cam super easy
    • Optional Suction Cup Mount also included
    • Updates via USB by connecting to your PC
    • Includes a USB power cable that plugs into your auxiliary power port or cigarette lighter plug
    • Power cable can be easily routed along your windscreen in your vehicle using the supplied Power Cable Fitting Tool
    • You will need to purchase a mircoSD card as well to use in this device and store the footage
    • Prove an accident was not your fault with this HD Dash Camera
    • Utilizes Loop Recording so the most recent footage is always stored, while older footage is written over
    • Store up to an estimated 5 hours of footage at 720p resolution on a 32GB microSD card
    • Features a 2” LED Screen with buttons on the side to control the camera
    • Click&Go Pro mount allows the unit to be powered via the magnetic mount
    • Truly a wireless device, powered via the mount
    • The F2.2 lens offers solid night vision and low light footage
    • Lens is protected via 5 layer glass
    • Compatible with optional polarizing filter accessory (sold separately) to remove window flare from footage
    • Not compatible with any rear view or cabin camera modules
    • If you’re looking for modules or GPS and wifi support, check out the 322GW Dash Cam
    • Want a Dash Cam with all that plus Alexa built-in? Check out the 422GW or 522GW Dash Cam from NextBase
    • Looking for the budget option to get your vehicle protected via digital recording?
    • This is the one for your then: the NextBase 122 Dash Cam
    • Your independent eye witness always on the road ahead of you

    NextBase 122 Dash Cam

    When it comes to protecting your vehicle, your driving record, and yourself from fraudulent and dangerous drivers, having a Dash Camera installed is a must. These days if you don’t have video footage, you’re likely to get into a “he said, she said” situation if you get into any kind of accident, even if you truly know you weren’t at fault. Whether it is andrineline or a scam, immediately following an accident, people sometimes get the facts wrong. Someone might insist to a cop that they did have their turn signal on or that you were driving too fast, but high definition video footage can change the game.

    In a sense, America is behind on this one and starting to catch up. In several European countries, especially in Russia and the surrounding areas, insurance fraud has become such an issue that dash cameras have practically become a must have item. The classic Swoop and Squat come into prominence in the US recently but before hand was so common in other parts of the world that it earned its own name. This accident scam involves someone pulling out in front of you and slamming on their brakes to cause an accident. Sometimes it even involves two cars--one to one side of you and one in front, so that you can’t even swerve to the side.

    This scam typically involves the scam artist forcing you into a situation that will force a rear end collision. The passengers in the scam car then have all sorts of medical claims against your insurance policy. And as you know, rear end collisions like this one in most States in the US are blamed upon the back car, not the lead. That is unless you can prove that the driver of the front vehicle pulled out in front of you and suddenly and purposefully slammed on their brakes. But to do that you’d need something like a dash cam.

    Is it sad to think that this has become a real issue of insurance fraud here in the States? Yeah, I suppose it is. But the reality is that these kinds of accidents happen every day and unless you can prove that you weren’t at fault, the officer at the scene is going to be required to write you a ticket instead of the no-fault accident you deserve or better yet charges against the fraudulent driver.

    We’ve even heard of instances in which these kinds of accidents occur and the driver claims that damage that was already present on their vehicle was caused by this collision. While these kinds of scams are more common in the big cities and suburbs today, they are getting more common throughout more rural areas too.

    At the end of the day, it would save you a lot of hardship and cash if you just had video evidence showing exactly what happened. And that’s where you Nextbase 122 Dash Cam comes in.

    These digital cameras record the road ahead of you while the vehicle is in motion, preventing these kinds of insurance scams as well as bad drivers from getting away with their dangerous driving habits. You can even become a key witness in an accident case because you have the footage of the accident that can prove which driver was at fault even when you weren’t involved directly in the incident.

    And what makes NextBase ahead of the game and one of the best selling Dash Cams in the world is their great additional features like Intelligent Parking mode.

    This feature keeps the Dash Cam in low battery mode for up to a week after you turn off your truck or Jeep. The camera puts all it’s on board battery power into the G Force Sensor--a device designed to measure any disturbances in the way the vehicle is sitting and then turn on the camera function any time the vehicle moves too much one way or another from a potential bump from a door for instance in a parking lot all the way up to someone parking their vehicle and hitting your car or pickup truck.

    When the G Sensor goes off, the 122 Dash Camera turns on and records for up to 3 minutes. And should their be multiple collisions, this timer starts over and it keeps recording. If you’ve ever come out to your vehicle to find a large dent or scratch in the door that you know wasn’t there before and wonder who the hell did it, now you can find out with the Nextbase 122 Dash Cam.

    Finally, many US based insurance companies offer a discount to your insurance premiums if you are using a Dash Cam. Dash Cams like the 122 make insurance companies happy because it makes prevent fraud and showing fault so much easier. This means instead of having to fight with another driver’s insurance company, they can show video footage that proves which driver is at fault, making their lives easier, and hence yours too.

    It’s the 21st century. Isn’t it time we protect our driving using a digital recording device that shoots in standard HD? Coming in at an affordable price, there’s no reason each and every driver on the road shouldn’t have one of these puppies installed by the end of this year. Get with the program, save yourself some money on insurance, and protect yourself from scams and bad drivers. Get your NextBase 122 Dash Cam today.

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