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    NextBase 322GW Dash Cam

    The Most Popular Model of NextBase Dash Cam Series 2 due to All the Great Features

    So you’ve decided you need a Dash Cam. Maybe you’re looking out for accident scams and hit and runs. Maybe you’re just looking to lower your insurance premiums or get peace of mind that you’ll have evidence of fault in the case of an accident you didn’t cause. Whatever the case, you’ll have plenty of options. But if you want something more than just a camera, if you want HD video footage of the road ahead of you and maybe even the road behind you and then some, then you should be looking long and hard at the 322GW and all the great features this Dash Cam has to offer. First, it has the 1080p full HD footage you want. Bonus, it shoots at a whopping 60fps! Second, it has a touchscreen just like your smartphone. Oh, and did I mention it has an app for your phone too? And it updates via Wi-fi and puts out its own Wi-fi signal just to transfer video from it to your phone even when you’re in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road. Please don’t miss read it. It isn’t that this puppy puts out Internet over Wi-fi. It just creates its own little hot spot to send video files from it to your smart device. And this device can also connect to your phone via Bluetooth. And with that functionality comes the first Dash Cam that can contact emergency services if you’re in an accident via their Emergency SOS function. And we haven’t even mentioned Intelligent parking Mode which protects your vehicle even while it is parked and away from you and all the various additional plug and play camera modules including rear view cameras and in cabin cams. Record your teenager’s driving from two angles: straight in front of the vehicle to see where they are going and back into the front seat to see what they are doing. And you get all of this plus the ablity to download video footage to your phone and easily send it off to your insurance via the app itself to file a claim all for under 200 bucks. This is it: the most affordable and feature rich dash cam on the market today. Let’s take a deep dive into all the great features of the Next Base 322GW Dash Cam.

    Bullet Point Breakdown of the NextBase 322GW Dash Cam

    No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the NextBase 322GW Dash Cam:

    • Shoots simultaneously in 1080p @ 60fps and 720p @ 60 fps
    • Gives you the option of quality vs storage space at any time
    • Easily preview 720p via Bluetooth to your Smart device
    • Download full HD via WiFi connection with your NextBase 322GW Dash Cam
    • Features a full high definition touch screen
    • 2.5” wide display makes viewing video on the Dash Cam easy and clear
    • 140 degree wide angle lens captures the entire road ahead of your vehicle
    • 6 layer glass protects the camera aperture against impact damage
    • Has an f-stop of 1.6
    • The best GPS dash cam on the market today
    • Utilizes two different global positioning satellite systems simultaneously to pinpoint your position at any moment
    • 10 Hz GPS means it refreshes up to 10 times per second to make your journey more accurate and smooth on the Google Maps app
    • Has the latest in Bluetooth technology--version 4.2
    • Compatible with the Polarising Lens (sold separately) to prevent window glare
    • Emergency SOS feature contacts emergency services even when you can’t
    • This feature pairs with your phone via Bluetooth
    • If an accident occurs, then the device checks your phone to see if it is still moving
    • If your smart phone is found to not be moving, the Dash Cam puts the phone into beacon mode to alert rescue services
    • This feature is free with the device purchase for up to one year
    • For the second year onward, you must pay a small subscription fee
    • Intelligent Parking Mode keeps the Dash Cam in low battery mode for up to a week after you park your vehicle
    • It routes all power to the G Force Sensor, detecting movement of the vehicle and turning on the camera when it is detected
    • Camera records for 3 minutes minimum, longer if further bouncing / bumping occurs
    • Caught potential thieves in the act
    • Get an eye witness to car door dings and scratches
    • Find out if someone backed into your front bumper while you were away
    • Compatible with various additional camera modules, including:
    • Rear View Camera to monitor the back of the vehicle
    • Rear Window Camera to watch the back bumper from the back window
    • Cabin View Camera to see the driver, passengers, and the cab
    • Records front at 1080p, secondary module camera at 720p simultaneously
    • A Dash Camera with all the bells and whistles and then some
    • Makes filing a claim easy
    • Helps prevent accident fraud and scams
    • Acts as an independent eye witness to any accident
    • Prove you were not at fault with this superior Dash Camera
    • Records automatically when you’re on the go
    • Features Loop Recording, so the newest footage is always available and stored
    • One of the best Dash Cams on the market today. Period.

    NextBase 322GW Dash Cam

    When it comes to selecting the top performing and most feature rich Dash Cam on the market today, the 322GW rises to the top of the list quite clearly. Boasting a stunning 1080p resolution, recording at a whooping 60 frames per second, this thing catches the action in front of your vehicle in vivid detail. And that’s just the start of what the 322GW can do.

    NextBase describes this dash camera as the first of its kind, featuring Bluetooth 4.2 technology and built in Wi-Fi high speed video transfer. Find me another Digital Dash Camera recording device that has all that plus an app that makes submitting an insurance claim with a full high definition video attached this easy and I’ll shake your hand.

    The NextBase 322GW also has all the amazing aspects of the cheaper models in Next Base’s Series 2 lineup, including Intelligent Parking Mode, which protects your vehicle even while you’re away from it. When you put your truck or Jeep into park, the Dash Cam detects this and goes into a low battery mode, only powering the G Force Sensor from its on board battery. This sensor acts as a sort of accelerometer on steroids, detecting any movement of the vehicle that might possibly be caused by minor to major collision or even someone trying to break into the vehicle. Whether you’re concerned about someone hitting your vehicle with their car door in a parking lot or someone attempting to break in while you’re parked on the road, this camera will detect it and start recording for upwards of 3 minutes to capture what is happening. And every new detection of movement causes this timer to reset so it just keeps filming.

    But what if the action so to speak is going on behind your vehicle or in the cab itself as someone tries to break in?

    The 322GW and all the models in Series 2 higher in number than it features the option to customize the system by adding on various camera modules. NextBase offers everything from a Cabin View Camera to a Rear View Camera, and even a Rear Window Mounted Camera to capture the whole picture surrounding your vehicle. No matter where the collision occurs, you’ll have eyes on with this system of front cam with rear module. Please note that all modules are sold separately, and they simply are plug and play, meaning they plug into the side of the 322GW and just work.

    This excellent Dash Cam also has a top of the line GPS system. Utilizing signals from two global positioning services simultaneously, this device pinpoints your position nearly instantaneously and more accurately than nigh any other device currently on the market, save the 422GW and 522GW models in the Series 2 as well.

    Perfect positioning like this is important for directions of course, and it keeps it up to date even when you turn off your vehicle, holding you last recorded location in memory for up to 2 hours, so that it doesn’t have to do a full location check when you return to your vehicle in that window. It just picks up where it left off.

    This is also important in cases of an emergency.

    Introducing the revolutionary Emergency SOS System on the 322GW. This device will actually contact the authorities and make sure you receive emergency attention in the event of an accident, even if you are unconscious.

    The way the system works is the Dash Cam detects a collision. Then it check your smart phone device to see if the location is changing on it. If the location is found to be constant over a certain period of time, the Dash Cam puts the phone into beacon mode to contact the local authorities and inform them of the accident. Find me another Dash Cam that calls an ambulance if you’re unable to do so and we’ll put that in our pipe and smoke it too cause that’s delicious, if you get what I mean. Seriously, this Dash Cam will save lives. And you don’t have to worry about it accidentally contacting the authorities during a minor collision if you don’t want them too either. You have the option to refuse the beacon mode if you are cognizant and able. I have to admit that this was one of the few features I was nervous about until I learned how it works and now I can’t believe this doesn’t come standard in my smart phone as is.

    So there you have it. This just may be the most impressive innovation in Dash Cam technology that will not only prove whether or not you are at fault during a collision, but it can call the police and an ambulance to the scene as well, even if you’re unable to do so yourself. Every automobile in America should have one of these babies installed yesterday. I’m getting one for each of my vehicles as soon as possible, because I want the peace of mind to know that my family is safe even when I’m not with them.

    The only thing that could possibly make this device even better is if it could order you dinner and check to see if your laundry was done at home at the same time, all while you’re on your commute home via some hands free AI voice control system like Alexa. But that’d just be crazy sauce, wouldn’t it?

    Nope. I’m just warming you up for the NextBase 422GW. If you like all the great features of the 322GW but really wish you had a way to communicate with Amazon’s Alexa easily while you’re out driving in your car, guess what: you want to go check out the 422GW immediately.

    If that sounds like overkill, then you’ve found your device right here: the NextBase 322GW--quite possibly the best Dash Camera for under $200 smackeroos on the market today. Get yours today from!

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