Smart Phone Mounts and Holders

Smartphone Mounts and Holders

Convenience, Safety, and Easy to Use

These days we use our smartphones for just about everything. Whether it’s listening to music via apps like Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, or Google Play Music, or navigating with Waze and Google Maps, we like to have our phones nearby even when we are on the road.

But this can be quite dangerous too. Distracted driving is on the rise and will cause 9 fatalities just today in the US on top of all the other potential risks and wrecks all linked back to smartphone use and a lack of hands free technology.

If we want to be safe drivers and still utilize some of these great technologies, we are going to need great hands free support from our smartphones and the apps we use. But we’re also going to need great phone mounts too.

As phones get bigger and bigger, the old school vent mounted holders just aren’t cutting it anymore. And while many of us shell out big bucks for our cellular devices, we inevitably end up spending even more on accessories like cases and phone mounts. And when you have to purchase a new phone and new case and chargers each and every year, it can become an added pain and expense to have to get new car phone holders as well.

This is why we here at Midwest Aftermarket have turned to some great universal phone mount manufacturers to solve this issue. The phone mounts listed on this page, unless specifically noted otherwise, are mostly universal mounts to that end. No one likes having to swap out phone adapters and mounts each and every time you upgrade devices. Well, what if there was a different way? What if you never had to buy another phone mount for your vehicle.

A new day is dawning--the age of the universal smartphone mount has arrived.

Combating Distracted Driving

Over the past 30 years or so the number of fatalities caused by traffic accidents involving automobiles has been steadily declining. With great breakthroughs in technology both off the road and on the road, in your vehicle and in healthcare, we have seen driving become ever more safe. More people today use seat belts regularly, all new vehicles come with great saftey features like anti-lock brakes and airbags. And backup cameras and turn sensors continue to make parking and merging into and out of traffic even easier than ever before.

Unfortunately, that the trend of decreasing fatalities was recently reversed with a massive spike of around 5,000 accident related deaths back in 2017. While we are still awaiting official numbers from 2018, this upturn in fatal car crashes is unlikely to go away immediately without some major changes.

A large portion of those 5,000 additional deaths has been attributed to distracted driving. This phenomenon involves any time a driver takes his or her eyes and attention away from the road and focuses on something other than the task at hand--driving.

While some of us might remain skeptical that certain tasks like drinking a soda, eating some french fries, or even listening to music or talking might cause us to be less than optimal drivers, I hope none can deny that taking your eyes off the road, especially for an extended period of time is very dangerous and certainly causes distracted driving.

We’ve all been guilty of it from time to time, I’m sure. And of course, that’s part of the problem.

Heck, I am old enough to remember T9 texting. Unless you could do it via touch, let me tell you, that’s some dangerous stuff.

These days texting is easier, voice commands work better and more often than ever before, and with modern Bluetooth and more and more vehicles coming equipped with Bluetooth functions stock, there’s almost no reason not to be hands free in your vehicle. And even if your vehicle isn’t equipped with these functions stock, for about $20 you can get an adapter to make your vehicle hands free compatible.

But once you’re using Bluetooth and voice commands, the potential for distracted driving doesn’t stop there necessarily. Looking down at your phone or even holding your phone in your hand while you drive can still cause problems when it comes to your ability to remain focused on the road and in many States it can still get you a ticket too.

So what’s the solution? I want to use a GPS enabled navigation app like Google Maps or Waze, but I can’t hold the phone while I’m using it. I want to be able to use voice commands to text my wife or co-worker back while on the go, but with my phone just sitting on the seat next to me, the microphone barely picks me up.

The Phone Mount Solution

The obvious solution to all these issues is a universal phone mount.

And we have several great ones to choose from.

There are many benefits to using a universal phone mount, but two of the most obvious ones are not having to use your hands to hold the phone so you’ll be able to go hands free and keep your hands on the steering wheel, and also the ability to have a clear view of the phone without taking your eyes off the road and keep the microphone elevated and unobstructed for voice commands.

Unfortunately, the cheap old vent mounted phone holders aren’t really cutting it these days. Vents are still pretty flimsy and phones are getting heavier and larger all the time. Also, sound from the vent can cause your voice commands to be garbled and unclear.

So we turn to a new kind of universal mount--something like the WeatherTech CupFone for instance.

These devices transform any cup holder of nearly any size into a phone mount. Let’s just consider that for a second. The way the device is held in your cup holder is similar to a cup, so you’re talking about a very stable platform here. And your phone mount is then held in place as well as any old soda can or drink could be--hence it is as secure as your cup holders make it. Of course, if you have crappy cup holders this could be an issue, but these days car manufacturers get it--we want good cup holders and lots of them, please!

Heck, my truck alone has 9 cup holders accessible from the front seat alone! That’s a lot of cup holders.

I suppose the one possible downside to this model would be that you might find yourself short one cup holder in your vehicle, so if you don’t have as many as I do, you might find yourself in some trouble. Other than that, this thing is pretty sweet.

The universal adjustable width means this thing can handle a wide variety of devices, so you don’t have to worry about getting a new mount every time you get a new phone. And it has an adjustable angle too, so you can make the viewing angle exactly what you need it to be.

This is particularly important when you’re using a map app and need to glance at the screen to double check how soon your turn is. And if you have a cup mount that is up by the steering wheel, this is going to be a perfect location for your GPS Map to be displayed.

Another great feature of this particular phone mount is that it has an opening at the bottom that lets you still have your device plugged in while you’re using the mount. I can’t tell you how many old school phone mounts I have had that didn’t allow you to be plugged in while using it. This is of course simply ridiculous. What use is my smartphone if it isn’t charged?! And a large majority of drivers charge their phones while driving.

Admittedly, a secondary possible downside to this particular mount would be that you can only mount your phone wherever your cup holders are located. This is a slight issue that becomes quickly exacerbated if you don’t have many cup holders or don’t have one mounted up high on your dash or near your steering wheel.

Too many sedans especially only have cup holders in the center console down low. This could make choosing this particular mount a possible issue. The problem is that you might find yourself glancing down at the phone and taking your eyes off the road. It would be much more optimal if the phone could always be mounted up on your dash. But again if you have a cup holder already in a good spot, you are good to go.

Mob Armor Magnetic Universal Phone Mounts

So let’s assume, for argument's sake, that not everyone has a cup holder in the perfect spot for this particular phone mount. What are we to do then?

Well we offer another great universal phone mount that can go just about anywhere because it is magnetic… on both ends!

Yeah, I know. Shocking!

When I first learned about the MobArmor MobNetic Pro I asked my boss if he was crazy. Don’t magnets hurt cell phones, I asked.

Of course after doing some research I learned that these particular magnets coupled with the SD card technology used in most smartphones meant that there would be no issue whatsoever with using a magnetic phone mount with your Android or Apple devices today.

Mind blown!

The magnetic solution that Mob Armor has come up with is simply brilliant. The phone mount comes with several metal disks that can be mounted using 3M tape to pretty much whatever part of your vehicle you can think of. We do recommend that you follow your State’s code when doing so, and as a general rule of thumb, this probably means not mounted it to your windshield. You’ll have a few disks to use so you could even try out a couple different spots to see how you like them.

Once the disk is mounted and the glue drying, you can attach the metal plate to the back of your phone. Some have even put this plate inside their cases or attached it to the back of their phone case as well if you’re against gluing something directly to your phone.

Now you have a bit of magnetic metal on your case and some on your vehicle via the disks. You take the Pro Mount itself which has magnets on both ends, put one end on the disk, and then attach your phone. And you’ve done it.

The Pro version of the MobNetic, the only one we sell, can swivel up to 90 degrees, so you can adjust the viewing angle of your phone perfectly.

Since the mount doesn’t actually touch the sides of your phone, nothing is obstructed, so you can plug in a charger, an auxiliary 3.5mm jack for music, and even have a clear line to the microphone for easy and optimized voice commands.

This mount is so easy to move too that you can take it with you easily. I have even seen people here at work using it on their desks to mount their phones while working.

To call this phone mount innovative is the biggest understatement ever concerning phone mounts. It is everything you’ve ever wanted in a phone mount and then some.

And you can easily take it into another vehicle or on a trip with you. It really is that easy. I took my secondary disk for instance and installed it in my wife’s vehicle. Now I just have to grab my sunglasses and MobNetic from my truck before we head out in her SUV, and I’m ready to hit the road. Finally, a mount I can take with me and use wherever I am.

And again, these devices are universal. So when you get a new phone, you don’t have to get an all new mount. Instead you just need to order a new plate for the back of your phone--about a $6 purchase--and you’re ready to rock and roll!

Phone Mounts FTW!

Regardless of which mounts you favor, we hope some of these universal solutions tickle your fancy and will help you keep your eyes on the road and still use the great technology you love. We try to practice and encourage safe driving around here and avoid being distracted while on the road. We hope these products will help you do all of that and more.

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