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    Mob Armor: Full Lineup Review and Roundup

    If you're like me — and everyone else with a smart phone — your phone gets used while you're driving. Intermittently holding it up to your face so you can hear your GPS and then dropping it between the seats isn't exactly the safest way to go.

    I mean, I just need to be able to listen to music and use my GPS and call my brother and get distracted by a picture I took of my dog before I left the house. Only at red lights, of course. Not that I miss my dog as soon as I walk out the door. Hey, Google, what does my dog do while I'm at work?

    Or maybe you're more like the Mob Armor guys, who created their products because existing phone mounts didn't hold up to the abuse of off-roading. They designed a heavy duty, magnetic phone mount that's safe for your phone and won't let you down. Whether you're commuting or off the edge of Google Maps, Mob Armor MobNetic phone mounts are where it's at.

    Pardon, did you say magnet? But are magnets safe to use with my phone?

    Yes, we did. Mob Armor mounts utilize magnets, and this advanced magnetic technology is phone-safe. And no, that doesn't mean these are wimpy magnets. These neodymium rare earth magnets have a crazy strong hold. Unless your phone is made of dark matter, it ain't coming off the mount.

    The magnet system on the MobNetic Pro also makes life super easy when you inevitably get a new phone — and phone case and all the junk that goes along with getting a new phone. At least with this product, you're not going to have to get a new phone mount. For a whopping $10 you can get replacement MobNetic plates and Mob Discs. Midwest Aftermarket has you covered... replacement plates and discs can found right around here.

    Did I forget to mention that having extra plates and discs for your Mob Armor phone mount means that you can use that mount for more than just your phone in your truck or Jeep?

    Throw one of the plates on your friend's phone (or simply slide it between the phone and phone case) and BOOM: You've still got a GPS even though your phone died mid-road trip. Sometimes take your significant other's ride instead of yours? Place an extra disc on the dash and you have a phone mount that you can use in both vehicles. Or maybe you need to have your phone where you can use it while you're working? Put an extra disc on your toolbox, grab the phone mount off your dash and just put it back when you're done.

    Or don't. I'm not here to tell you what to do. Just don't lose that little beaut or you'll be kicking yourself.

    Mob Armor phone mounts should not be used with battery cases. The magnets can damage hard-drive based devices, such as iPod Classic, iPod Video and Zune mP3 players; credit card phone cases; and Qi wireless charging products. And don't put the mounting plate over your device's charging area. We're all smart cookies here.

    What are the specs on Mob Armor’s MobNetic phone mounts?

    Here's a breakdown of what you get with the two all-star magnetic phone mounts from Mob Armor: the MobNetic Pro and the Mob Armor Switch Magnetic.

    The MobNetic Pro has magnets on both ends — for attaching the mount to the dash and for attaching the phone to the mount. This makes it stupid easy to dock smartphone or other device by simply sticking the MobNetic plate to your case or slipping it in between the phone and case. The mount gives you 90 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation to work with. Whether you're getting it for yourself or a gift, Mob Armor mounts come in a variety of colors. The MobNetic Pro has some sweet options, including digital camo, kevlar, black and pink.

    MobNetic Pro mounts come with a steel Mob Disc used for mounting (with hardcore 3M adhesive so it'll hang on to your dash for dear life) and a surface prep pad (i.e. alcohol wipe). The MobNetic Pro also comes with a steel plate, which can be attached to your smart phone or other device with that awesome 3M adhesive, or slipped between your phone and its case (a less permanent option).

    If you opt for the Mob Armor Switch, the adjustable cradles come in small and large sizes sizes. This mount attaches to your dash the same as the MobNetic Pro, but has the cradle holding your phone instead of a magnet. The Switch offers a secure hold that doesn't block or hit volume and power buttons. (I don't know about you, but I didn't think of that being a possible problem till I read about it. Good thing the Mob Armor guys are smarter than me.) The switch gives you 70 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation.

    Phones compatible with the large Mob Armor Switch:

    • iPhone 6+, 6s+, 7+, 8+

    • Samsung S4, S5, S5 Active, S7, S8

    • Samsung Note 3, 4, 5, 7, 8

    • Sony Xperia

    • HTC One Max

    • Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

    • Nexus 6

    • Nokia Lumia

    • OnePlus 3, 3T, 5, 5T

    • Samsung Note Edge

    • Lg G3

    • LG Optima G Pro

    • Google Pixel XL, Pixel 2 XL

    Phones compatible with the small Mob Armor Switch:

    • iPhone 5, 5C, 6, 6S, SE, 7, 8

    • Google Pixel, Pixel 2

    • LG G2

    • LG Nexus 5

    • HTC One M7, M8, X

    • Blackberry Classic, Curve 9320, Bold 9790, Z10, Leap

    Mob Armor's products are covered with a one-year warranty.

    Mob mounts are easy to use and easy to install

    How do I install a MobNetic phone mount you ask? Easily.

    1. Clean the spot where you want your phone mounted. Get that dash squeaky clean.

    2. Remove the cover from the adhesive on the round Mob Disc.

    3. Stick it on good and apply pressure for a whole minute. (That's 60 seconds. Set a timer on your phone.)

    4. Leave it alone at least overnight (or for a few hours, out of direct sunlight if possible).

    5. Stick the MobNetic plate to your phone case with the adhesive. Or leave the adhesive covered up, remove your phone case and then put it back on with the plate between the phone and case.

    6. Stick the mount on the disc you let sit overnight (or at least an hour or so) and stick your phone on the mount.

    7. Drive around and do the dope sh** you do without fumbling your phone.

    To stick, the Mob Disc needs a clean, flat, non-porous surface. Dirt prevents the 3M™ VHB™ tape from adhering to the surface the way it should, so make sure you clean that baby good. Your mount will come with a alcohol wipe just for that reason, so use it. It’s just like those little wipes you get at buffalo wing places, only this time instead of cleaning up your mouth and sticky fingers, you’ll be polishing your dash.

    In case you were wondering, 3M™ VHB™ tapes bonds to provide an alternative to screws, rivets, welds and other mechanical fasteners. The tape joins materials with a super strong "weld" that distributes the stress across the joined area (unlike screws or other options that join in one point).

    The acrylic adhesive will feel dry to the touch — that's how it's supposed to be. It provides a super strong hold to your vehicle's dash or other surface, not the human body. This is a good thing. Nobody likes sticky tape stuck to your skin. Nobody.

    Off-road Phone Mounts made by Off-Roaders

    The Mob mount origin story is on the back roads. Off road, actually.

    The Mob Armor guys came up with a new way to mount mobile devices in work and personal vehicles, UTVs and race trucks because available mounts couldn't hold up to their standards and off-roading use. In just a few short years, they've grown their company from building the mobile-device mount they had been looking for (that didn't appear to exist on the market anywhere just yet) to making more than 150 products. Those products are made for off-roading by people who know what off-roaders need.

    And the Mob Armor guys aren't messing around. Not only did they make a phone mount to stand up to the test, but there's an app for that. Once your sweet new phone mount arrives via Midwest Aftermarket's free U.S. shipping, try out the Mob Armor GPS off-road navigation system for free for 30 days. This GPS works without a signal and doesn’t just rely on Google or Apple Maps, which may not have accurately mapped out the off-road area you’re planning on navigating. Consider it your own personal cartographer. Whatever that means.

    Be safe out there

    I know we were talking dog pics earlier, but, officially, here are Mob Armor's safety guidelines. Because we know you're not going to read the tiny print on the back of the packaging. Hang in there — it'll be over in a second:

    • Stop the vehicle in a safe location or have a passenger use the system.

    • (Your girl knows everything anyways (AM I RIGHT), so you might as well have her do it so you can drive safely.)

    • Safely operate the vehicle, obey all laws and regulations, and use good judgment at all times. (We always used good judgment when it comes to our beautiful, beautiful vehicles.)

    • Note: User assumes sole responsibility for and all risk in using this system. (Yessir.)

    • General Guidelines: Install the device in a non-obstructive, safe location within the vehicle cab.

    • Avoid obstructing the following: vehicle operation, visibility through windows, safe entry or exit, safety devices such as air bags. (Now, I'm not sure how this 2-inch tall gizmo — as heavy duty as it is — is going to block entry or exit from my truck, but I'll take their word for it.)

    • Firmly secure the device to stay in place despite vibrations, shocks, bumps, or vehicle accidents. (And then put it through its paces off the beaten path.)

    • Do not use this system or any computer system while operating a motor vehicle. (Already covered this. Your buddy or your girl's gonna be the Goose to your Maverick.)

    • Mob Armor is not responsible or liable for personal injury and or property damage. (Right-o.)

    Naturally, we always follow the laws and rules local to wherever we're driving — or off-roading for that matter. Especially when we see the police around. Or all the time. All the time, we mean. Yup.

    Seriously, though, no matter how much you want to look in on your dog while on the go, never--and we mean never use any Mob Armor product to check your vehicle while you are in drive and moving. No matter how curious you are what your puppy is doing!

    Consider yourself disclaimed!

    Where can I get Mob mounts and accessories?

    We seek out the best for our trucks and Jeeps, and Mob Armor's off-road phone mounts are up for anything. Midwest Aftermarket carries the MobNetic Pro, Mob Armor Switch, Mob Armor Gecko Surface Mount and, of course, MobNetic replacement plates.

    We've installed and road tested these products ourselves and once you go Mobnetic, you'll never go back. With the magnetic phone mount saving you in the long run from having to buy new phone mount each time you upgrade your cellular device and phone case, this heavy-duty little piece of equipment is worth every peso. Not to mention, we've got you covered with the best prices anywhere.

    Midwest Aftermarket also has your back with free shipping anywhere in the U.S. and a 30-day money back guarantee. Have questions? Give us a call or chat with us online.

    Midwest Aftermarket's collection of Mob Armor phone mounts and much more includes all the leading styles and brands. Midwest Aftermarket is the #1 online retailer for aftermarket truck and Jeep accessories, selling products at the lowest prices and providing the best customer service in the industry. With the goal to provide the highest quality product with the fastest shipping at affordable prices, look no further for your vehicle’s aftermarket accessories. From UTV’s to Jeep-fanatics to F150’s or Chevy Silverado’s, Midwest Aftermarket will give you the customer support you deserve.

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