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Iron Cross Side Arm Step Bars

Iron Cross Side Arm Step Bars

Looking for a durable nerf step bar that’s made right here in the States? Like the design of the hoop style bar, but looking for something a little different to make you stand out in the crowd? The brand new Iron Cross Side Arm Step Bars are perfect for you. These bars feature a unique design--while similar to a hoop step, only one side of the actual step is connected to the main bar, providing an open feel that is perfect for a wide foot. Personally my biggest issue with hoop steps in the past had to do with the width of my foot, or more accurately, my boot. If I was wearing a particularly big-toed boot (like my steel toed boots), on some hoop designs I would struggle to get my foot into the hoop or at the very least have to step up perpendicularly, with just the toe of my boot on the hoop, not providing the most elegant solution for stepping up into my vehicle. The innovative Iron Cross Side Arm Step Bar design eliminates this common issue. Now I can step onto my new Side Arm Step Bar parallel to my vehicle, in a way that feels comfortable and, frankly, normal. It’s like I have these hulk like arms on the side of my truck, lifting me into my cab. You can’t beat that strength, with a sick look to boot!

This new design has that low profile feel with big foots (like me) in mind. The powerful steel main bar is coated with a textured black powder finish that is both rugged to the touch and the eye--providing that badass look with great functionality. The integrated step covering provides extra friction and grip, while the open hoop design feels natural and ridged. These babies can easily handle up to 350 pounds and are designed to support two people using them to step up into the vehicle simultaneously, one in the front, one in back--now that’s tough. They come with a manufacturer 5 year warranty. Support an American company and join your fellow big foots in stepping up your game with a pair of Iron Cross Side Arm Step Bars today!


  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • Sold in Pairs

  • Made in the US of A

  • Available in Matte Black Powdercoat

  • Unique Open Hoop Step Design

  • Made of Durable Steel

  • Hardware and Mounting Brackets Included

  • Easy to Install for DIY Experts & Pros Alike