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Who is Midwest Aftermarket? 

Midwest Aftermarket is an online retailer of aftermarket truck and Jeep accessories, selling products at the lowest prices on the Internet, all while offering free shipping and free returns to the lower 48 U.S. states and the best customer service in the industry. We make it easy for customers to find products that fit their make and model of vehicle and answer questions via email, online live chat, and phone to clarify any aspect of part or installation. The auto enthusiast market is growing, and using modern technology we attempt to meet the demand, targeting both old school gearheads and the younger generation of enthusiasts using every aspect of e-commerce--including mobile, desktop, email, phone calls, and even selling through popular sites outside our own such as eBay and Amazon. Our goal is to get the consumer the right product, at the lowest possible price, in the quickest and most affordable way, so that our customers can “dream it, build it, and drive it.” Midwest Aftermarket appeared on the scene back in Q1 of 2013, an e-commerce company ran out of its owner’s house in a small rural town in Illinois. If you are looking to support a scrappy small business ran by a small town boy with an American Dream of creating jobs and providing top-notch service, you’ve come to the right website. Midwest Aftermarket has grown over the years, leaving the garage and expanding into a full blown HQ facility located in Litchfield, Illinois, employing a handful of dedicated auto enthusiasts prepared to challenge the big players in the industry and give you the personal customer support you deserve at prices larger companies can’t match.

What is Midwest Aftermarket?

It's that feeling you get when you rev up that engine. It's the first time you got behind the wheel for an epic road trip. It's that warm glow behind your eyes after you've taken that first shot on your 21st birthday. It's the look in your dog's eyes when you blame that silent but deadly one on him. It's the joy you felt on Christmas morning opening up that big present, only this time you get all of these experiences and more each and every time you visit the Midwest Aftermarket website to order that badass new part for your truck or Jeep. What is Midwest Aftermarket? you ask. It's friends. It's family. It's a community of aftermarket enthusiasts just like you, with inside jokes and easter eggs to boot. You might as well ask what Midwest Aftermarket isn't. To that, I tell you, we aren't that faceless corporate entity that offers deep discounts at the expense of the American Worker. We aren't big business, outsourcing customer service overseas. We aren't your boss... unless if your boss is a massive Star Wars fan who thinks he's pretty darn good at ping-pong and will challenge you to a match at five minutes to closing time that then turns into an epic showdown of athletics unlike anything you've ever seen or believed could exist, cause then, yeah... that is us, actually.