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Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller

Throttle Controller Made Simple, Now with Bluetooth

Brand New Release: Pedal Commander Bluetooth edition! Order NOW!

We've been on a quest to find a throttle response controller that is easy to use, affordable, and one that allows your engine to respond quick when you are looking for that get up and go. And wouldn't it be great if it had an app and linked up to your phone via Bluetooth also. Yes, yes, it would. One of the biggest reasons we and most of our customers are interested in any kind of tuner is throttle control: a quick response from your engine when you press down the accelerator. The second most common reason truck owners are looking to tune is increasing miles per gallon, a.k.a. fuel economy. The main turn off for first time modders is fear that the install will be too complex or difficult. And for some of the products in traditional performance tuning, for instance, things do get a bit complicated. But with this throttle response controller, install is quick and simple. We are excited to start carrying Pedal Commander for all of these reasons: it is plug and play, super easy to install, it decreases your throttle response time, giving you faster punch off the line. And there's even a setting to increase your fuel economy. Finally, a throttle controller that works well for just about any truck and is easy to use, all at an affordable price. Welcome to our Pedal Commander Review. Please note that currently the new Bluetooth model is only available for Dodge, Jeep, Ram, & Ford vehicles. They are planning to release the new gen for every make and model within the next month or two, but for now, your stuck with the old school non-app, non-Bluetooth edition. By the way, did we mention that there's an app? Go download the app, NOW!

Pedal Commander Review

Let me count the ways that Pedal Commander Bluetooth edition has climbed to the top of our charts in terms of ease of use and functionality in our Ultimate Pedal Commander Review:

Customization: A Mode and Level Just for You

Pedal Commander has 4 separate control modes: Eco, City, Sport, and Sport+. Each mode has 8 different adjustable levels so you can tweak your truck or Jeep to the exact settings you desire. This gives you the precise control over your throttle that you crave, all at the touch of a button. If you're looking to increase your MPG's by upwards of 20%, check out that Eco mode. Since Eco limits your ability to accelerate rapidly, this mode doubles as a valet mode or a keep-your-teenager-from-drag-racing mode. Enjoy, dads everywhere! Doing a lot of City driving--starts and stops on the reg? Or do you just want a nice daily driver mode? Try City mode. Hitting the highway or country back roads and want to really get on it? Sport mode is for you. And if you're looking to maximize acceleration and really show off for your buddies, Sport+ mode is your jam and offers upwards of 95% faster throttle response! Since each mode can be tweaked up to plus 4 or minus 4, you have 36 total variations to play around with. You'll spend more time doing this than the install will take--as I'll tell you below.

A Throttle Response Controller for Everyone

Whether you're a pro at tuning your vehicle or you've never modded at all, Pedal Commander makes it easy to adjust your acceleration. Throttle control is all about response time. A throttle controller can increase how quickly your engine accelerates, allowing you to have the get up and go you crave. Pedal Commander gets you around those pesky Active Fuel Management systems and puts the power in your hands. I don't know about you, but when I get on my accelerator, I want my truck to fly. Pedal Commander makes this happen, letting you control your engine again--just like back in the day.

Easy Install in 10 Minutes; True Plug and Play Technology

By utilizing your OEM factory harness, Pedal Commander installs quickly and painlessly. We are all about DIY around here, and the Pedal Commander gets along with us. Any product you can install at home in your own garage in 10 minutes or less is a definite win. There's no PCM swaps or any of that nonsense here. You literally just unplug the factory harness and then plug in the two plugs for the Pedal Commander, and voila! You'll probably spend more time deciding where you want to mount the controller unit--the part with the buttons that you press to adjust the levels--than plugging in the harness on the install. Simple and easy, while offering tons of options for adjusting your throttle.

Pedal Commander will NOT Void Your Factory Warranty

One of the biggest concerns we hear from customers just getting started with performance mods is whether or not a product will void their factory warranty for their vehicle. Sometimes with full tuners, this is a complicated answer that involves replacing the PCM or your vehicles computer, and we can get into some grey areas concerning warranty. But not with the Pedal Commander. In no way, shape, or form will installing a Pedal Commander void your warranty. No warranty issues at all here. And since it is so easy to install, if you ever wanted to go back to factory settings on your throttle (trying real hard to come up with a good reason why you'd want to go back, and drawing a blank, but still), all you'd have to do is unplug the Pedal Commander and plug the factory harness back in. Bam! You're back to the crappy stock settings. 

Easy to Use; No Software Required

Some gearheads out there love playing around with custom tunes on their computer, making minor adjustments to get that perfect feel they crave. Others just want to plug it in and make it work. The Pedal Commander is really the best of both these worlds. If you want to make those minor tweaks to your throttle response, hit the plus and minus buttons to make adjustments. If you just want to improve your MPG's, just hit Eco and you're done. If you want a simple, easy to use interface, without any complicated software to install or numbers to read and interpret, the Pedal Commander is the throttle response controller for you. If you want something more complex with software included, there's plenty else out there for you. The Pedal Commander is elegant in its simplicity. It does what it claims to do and does it very well. We've not seen an easier product to install and use that works this well to give you the acceleration you crave or fuel economy your pocket book needs.

The Bluetooth Upgrade

The new edition of Pedal Commander comes with all the great features we've already reviewed above, plus Bluetooth. You can connect your Pedal Commander Bluetooth Throttle Control System to your Android or iPhone device using the brand spanking new app. Just search for "Pedal Commander" in the Google Play app or the Apple App Store. You can play around a bit in the app before you even get your new P-Commander installed. I know I've enjoyed just messing around in the app looking for the new hot features, but once you press "Connect" your smart phone will start searching out you brand new Pedal Commander Bluetooth.

Let's give you a walk through of the app and all the great new features. The most obvious and perhaps coolest thing you'll notice right from the start is that you can control your Pedal Commander Bluetooth right from your phone. Yes, you can still use the easy plus and minus buttons on the device itself, but controlling the system from your phone means you can set up custom profiles to exactly your liking. No more clicking over to Eco -3 slowly for me. I'll just save it as a custom profile called, "I drive like a dad now." And my Sport + mode set to +4 is now known as "meat stix" just cause that's the way I roll.

On top of the custom profiles, you can even install individually programmed MAP files for your specific vehicle. This means that when using settings that are custom tailored to your engine and vehicle, you should get even more MPGs in Eco mode and even more horses outta Sport and Sport+. Just remember to take your foot off the gas before you punch in your profile or change settings. We, here at Midwest Aftermarket, already know that you would never be playing on your phone while driving, so this isn't really a danger at all. But tell you co-polite/navigator/Pedal Commanding Compadre to shift you into Sport+ when you say, "Cumquat" only just to make sure you don't mess with your throttle while your accelerator (a.k.a. your throttle) is already engaged. A little warning screen pops up and tells you this every time you open the app, but we thought we'd tell ya all now, in case your thirsty for a preview, so to speak.

Above are some actual screen shots from the app on my personal phone, the classic and super outdated Note5. Man, I need a new phone. Wink, wink, Cass. Cough, cough, company phone? You can zoom in and see the actual disclaimer for yourself or checkout the descriptions of the various driving modes. Of course, you could just download the app yourself, but if you're just that lazy, see my sweet pix above. We hear also that there will even be some kind of anti-theft program included. We can't wait to see how that feature factors in for the new Bluetooth release.

Pedal Commander's Marketing Head, Joseph Durso, even said that the new app will let you "upload vehicle specific programs directly to your device." I gotta tell ya, I'm getting kind of tingly just imagining all the possibilities that Pedal Commander might roll out with in the future via updates to the app that can be pushed directly to your device!

We are super hyped at the time of this writing to get our hands on this new Bluetooth unit. The possibilities are massive. The upgrade benefits are immediate. And the custom setting names are just gonna be a blast. I can't wait to hack our CEO's Pedal Commander and rename all his favorite profiles, "Jack Rabbit Slim #1-4." Good times in with Pulpy Fictional naming conventions. Until then, I'll just have to play around in the app.

The New Pedal Commander Bluetooth unit launched officially on April 2nd, so you can order now. So get on it now and order that sweetness!

Ready to Order?

There's a Pedal Commander Custom Just For Your Ride!

Occasionally we run into issues where a particular product just isn't offered for your vehicle. Sometimes this is due to factories taking time to manufacture or additional research hours to design a custom product, etc. No worries with Pedal Commander though. If the vehicle is on the market, they've most likely got you covered. There is a custom Pedal Commander Throttle Controller System for 98% of all vehicles on the road today. Whether you're looking to increase your fuel economy by upwards of 20% with their Real ECO mode or to increase your throttle response by upwards of 95%, Pedal Commander is the product for you. Get your throttle under control today.

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