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Nerf Bars and Running Boards

Looking for a Leg Up?

Whether you are in need of a step bar, a running board, or a rock slider, you’ve come to the right place. We have everything you need to get a step up into your cab on your truck, Jeep, or SUV, right here. The questions may well be, which is which, and which to you need? Don’t worry. We can help. So there will be concerns about style, color, material, and even shape of your new running board or step bar. Maybe you need some running boards for your Chevy Silverado? With that, let’s get started.

What is a “Nerf” exactly?

Great first question. So it turns out that these step bars and running boards started out as Nerf Bars. I know, didn’t really answer your question yet. Hold on. I’m getting to it. “Nerf” is an old school racing term for when two racers bump or “nerf” each other. Such minor collisions are quite common still today in the racing industry, but back in the day, sometimes a “nerf” would involve two wheels getting caught upon and launching one hapless driver into the air, often leading to major vehicle if not personal damage. Nerf bars were the solutition. And in many ways, Nerf bars still are about protecting your vehicle, though for most of us that is less about racing on the track and more about dings and dents from parking lots and kids flinging open car doors haphazardly. Don’t even get me started on those kids!

Step Bars

Today we don’t simply have Nerf bars, but rather Nerf step bars, meaning they protect your vehicle from minor scrapes but also act as a step up into the cab or on a truck so you can reach into the bed more easily. Step bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as Hoops, Round, and Oval. Each describes the shape of the bar. Most are listed with an inch rating in front and this connotes how big the step area is in width. Higher the number, bigger the step bar. Finally, there will be a length rating. Some bars for trucks are only “cab length” meaning they run the length of the cab only, while others are “wheel-to-wheel” meaning, the obvious: they run the full length, from one wheel to the other. This allows the user to easily step up to retrieve or stow objects in the bed of the truck as well as getting in and out of the cab with ease. Some popular Oval and Round style step bars include: Lund and Raptor.

Hooping It Up

Hoop Step Bars have typically one or two hoops or sections of the bar that extend below the main bar and form a step. In this way they are similar to Oval and Round styles; however, many consumers like them for their low-profile look. When standing next to a truck with a hoop step bar you may only notice the hoop part as being visible. Lots of truck drivers like this aesthetic appeal. Others prefer this style because the hoop step holds your shoe better, preventing slippage. Really all step bars tend to come with grooved step pads to help prevent this. Again, some of these decisions are based upon look and feel. We have some great offerings in hoop step bars including: ICI Magnum RT, N-Fab, and Rampage.

Iron Cross Side Arms for that Unique Look

For a step bar that isn’t quite a hoop but isn’t quite a step, check out the innovative new Iron Cross Side Arm Step Bars. These half hoop steps provide all the great benefits of the hoop step with a unique design that will make your ride stand out in a crowd. If all your buddies are rocking hoop steps or Oval Step Bars, pick up a pair of these and show them how it’s really done.

Running Boards

These bad boys are less about protecting your doors from dings and more about just providing a step up into your vehicle. Many users like Running Boards because there is no specific designated place you have to step on the board to get into the cab. You can step up anywhere you’d like. If you are just looking for a dedicated way to get a step up into the vehicle, these are great options: Lund, N-Fab, Westin, and Raptor. Lookin' for running boards for your Chevy Silverado? We've got 'em!

Power Running Boards

A higher end variant on the traditional running board, a Power or Powered Running Board is a motorized board that will “hide” or tuck itself up under the cab of the vehicle when not in use. One of the top models on the Line today is the AMP Research POWERSTEP, which automatically lowers itself when the door to your truck or Jeep is opened. Pretty sexy, if you ask me.

Rock Sliders

A category all its own, Rock Sliders are meant to protect your undercarriage and doors when you go off-roading. Aptly named, these metal bars are designed to help your vehicle negotiate and slide off large rocks and boulders should you ever find yourself indisposed, a.k.a. stuck. Many Jeep owners looking to upgrade their stock vehicles opt for these puppies. While they aren’t actually step bars, people often associate them with nerf bars because of their nerfy qualities. We carry several great models from Lund, MBRP, and N-Fab.

Individual Steps

Sometimes we get customers who just want a single step up into their cab or the bed of their truck. These Individual Truck Bed Steps and Hitch Steps are perfect for that function. Nothing like finding out you lifted your truck so high that you now need a step to get into the cab and into the bed. We’ve all been there. Feels like only yesterday that I lifted my first Chevy so high I about fell on my ass trying to climb into her. Good times. Good times. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with this one too.

Steppin’ Up

Regardless of which you’re in the market for, we’ve got a number of excellent products and styles to choose from. Should you have any questions at all, hit us up on Live Chat, via email, or over the phone. There’s always a friendly customer service representative waiting to answer any and all of your step bar related queries.