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Roadmaster Active Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit

Improve towing, handling, stability, and traction with Roadmaster Leaf Springs

No time to read this whole article? Just want the quick and dirty dets? “Too long; didn’t read” you’re fav acronym? Don’t worry. We hear ya. Here’s our Midwest Aftermarket Bullet Point Breakdown of the Roadmaster Active Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit:

  • Transforms your OE leaf springs, creating a mechanically active suspension system
  • Improves control and stability in various typical driving conditions
  • Eliminates and reduces vehicle sway, bottoming out, wheel hop, and even the dreaded axle wrap
  • Tones down vehicle sway, softening body roll, making corning safer
  • Helps keep your ride level and smooth while towing or hauling large equipment
  • Compared to airbag suspensions, provides additional great function at less cost to you
  • Helps keep your tires on the road, providing better traction, whether accelerating or braking
  • Automatically adjusting coil tension springs for better hauling
  • Variable rated, these springs increase or decrease tension to accommodate whatever you’ve loaded into your truck bed
  • You add extra weight, the springs engage to handle it
  • When your truck bed is empty, the leaf springs offer a more OE / factory style ride by disengaging
  • Roadmaster’s Active Suspension springs can be customized to your towing / hauling specifications
  • These springs can be adjusted as needed, whether you haul big loads in your bed or tow heavy equipment often
  • Independent leveling per side helps keep your truck bed level regardless of if your load is properly centered
  • This side-to-side leveling gives you a smoother ride, improved traction, and better leveling of loads
  • Better suspension performances leads to extended tire life, longer lasting shock absorbers
  • It even increases the life of shackles and your leaf springs themselves
  • Durable construction, these springs are made from e-coated steel, epoxied to prevent rust and oxidation
  • After 800 hours of salt spray testing, these babies still performed and outlasted stock springs
  • Each bracket is super corrosion-resistant due to superior e-coating and epoxy finish
  • This is an easy install too, involving no drilling, simple bolt on installation.
  • Attaches under your factory leaf springs, using OE U-bolts and eye brackets
  • Everything you need to install these puppies comes with the kit--all hardware is included
  • No need to monitor or make manual adjustments once installed
  • This maintenance free suspension system adjusts itself automatically as needed
  • And the whole thing is made, designed, and even assembled right here in the US of A
  • Backed by Road Master’s 2 year warranty for added peace of mind
  • This Active Suspension has a weight capacity of 2,000 lbs.
  • Great for Ford F-150’s, Chevy Silverados, GMC Sierras, and Dodge Rams
  • Whether you’re rocking a Supercrew or an Extended Cab, these springs help your F150 haul more effectively
  • Custom-fit to your vehicle and your load--Roadmaster Suspensions are top of the line

A Customizable All-in-One Suspension Solution

Roadmaster Active Suspension Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement Kit

If you’ve ever been hauling a massive load (can’t wait for Kyle to get ahold of that one) and been nervous or found yourself glancing in the rearview a little more often, then you likely know the dangers of overloading, not properly stowing, and even just everyday issues you can encounter when towing, period. While there are some simple guidelines we can all follow to make hauling and / or towing more safe, sometimes you just have to load it up and go.

We could always make multiple trips or try to center or load. But even then, it only takes one awkward turn or a sudden unexpected stop to make you realize you might need a suspension upgrade. That’s where Roadmaster comes in.

Whether you regularly bottom out when hauling heavy equipment or feel that dangerous sway or body roll when going into turns, this custom leaf spring enchancement kit will help to keep your vehicle, what you’re hauling, and you and your passengers safe.

The truth is those factory leaf springs are great when it comes to hauling small loads or driving around with truck bed empty. But once you start pushing towards the limits of what you can haul safely, those OE springs become woefully incapable of keeping your loads level and your vehicle from swaying as you corner.

The Roadmaster Active Suspension kit or RAS for short helps pick up the slack by providing active support. Those stock springs are passive. They just cushion the load a bit. But once they become completely compressed or flattened out, then they lose all effectiveness, right when you need the support the most.

Roadmaster’s system uses variable-rated coil tension springs to adjust actively to heavy loads. And since they are variable rate, they only engage when you need them, preventing the stiff ride experience some drivers have with other aftermarket suspension systems.

By adjusting your suspension on the fly, the RAS kit optimizes hauling and towing, increasing efficiency and performance across the board. A proper suspensions extends the life of everything from your suspension and leaf springs to your tires and shocks / struts. And all of this adds to better driving experience and reduced driver fatigue when you’ve gotta drive long distances, hauling heavy loads or towing equipment.

Alright, so these spring kits sound pretty damn sweet, right? And you’ve likely checked out all the reviews. You’ve done your research. But you’ve probably noticed one other player in the conversation when it comes to performance aftermarket suspension systems. I’m talking about air bags and air bag suspensions for your pickup truck.

Roadmaster Active Suspension Vs. Airbags

These two suspension systems are often compared and for good reason. Both airbags and the RAS kit are great aftermarket suspension kits that make your truck ride smoother, bottom out less, and even improve general driveability and stability. However, when stacked next to each other there are a few key differences between these two kinds of active suspensions.

But before we get into all that, let’s make one quick point here. Both Roadmaster Active Suspensions and Airbag suspensions are indeed superior to most stock suspension systems when it comes to towing, hauling, and general stability.

There. I said it.

But here’s the thing. When you’re coming around that corner, going down hill, towing your boat or hauling a truck bed full of your momma’s furniture cause she’s moving to Wyoming for retirement cause she’s seen one too many episodes of Longmire, and you’re truck starts to sway and you go to grab your oh, $hit bar, I mean, grab bar for some comfort as your eyes start to water and you fear disaster is about to rear its ugly head, you’re gonna want Roadmaster backing up your leaf springs and helper springs over those air bag systems every single time. Full stop.

And here’s why. Airbags are “active” in the sense that they react to vehicle sway, but it’s honestly more reactive than anything. When it comes to preventing dangerous rolling when corning, Roadmaster’s true Active Suspension is light years ahead on stabilizing your truck bed and preventing axle wrap and wheel hop.

If you’re looking for a suspension that actively controls the weight distribution of your load, then airbags aren’t the best option for you. And when you’re gripping your steering wheel until your knuckles go white heading down that mountain pass with a full load in your bed, you’ll notice your mistake if you went with airbags over RAS.

With this system too, we aren’t even talking about full replacement leaf springs. The Roadmaster Active Suspension kit improves and enhances your stop leaf springs and acts like an anti sway bar or traction bars to boot, improving control at the wheel.

And when you’re considering installing packages and general DIY installation, let’s just be honest here--you’re probably gonna need a professional install for most airbag systems. It’s just the honest truth. But the RAS kit can be done using a jack and some common tools you likely have in your garage at home because it is a no drill, bolt on install.

Both driver and passenger will benefit from the improve ride offered by this kit. And your tire tread life will improve whether you have all season tires or mud tires. Heck, a solid aftermarket suspension like the Roadmaster Active Suspension kit here will even improve your fuel economy over time. When you’re suspension functions optimally, everything else can work more efficiently too.

My concern whether hauling large and heavy loads or towing is almost always cornering and braking. We’ve talked a lot about how great the RAS is at improving turning and steering ability. But sudden braking can be just as dangerous when you’re carrying a heavy load or towing large equipment as taking a turn too sharp.

Just as the RAS active springs help prevent roll or sway, they also help to redistribute the weight of momentum when you have to suddenly slam on the brakes, allowing you to maintain solid traction at your wheels and stop sooner than stock systems allow.

And all of these great features here that the Roadmaster system provide are areas where RAS goes above and beyond what a simple airbag suspension can provide. If you want a true active suspension system, the Roadmaster’s Custom Leaf Spring Enhancement kit is for you.

Now let’s say you’re ready to buy. Well, why wouldn’t you be? But maybe you’re looking for an even better deal. Whether you’re at our website using our Live Chat or giving us a call at 1-800-951-3955, ask the friendly US based customer service rep--they prefer to be called Support Ninjas, by the way--about the possible Roadmaster Active Suspension kit coupon code. For a limited time, we’re offering a nice discount on this fine suspension product, but you’ve gotta mention the coupon code to get the sale price.

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