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Truck Bed Liners

Protecting your Truck Bed

Whether you’re rocking an aluminum alloy or full steel, protecting your truck’s bed is essential to everything from resale value to curb appeal. The first time you drop something heavier than your Aunt Maisey into your truck bed from considerable height, you’re going to do two things, in this order: cringe, then wish you’d purchased a Truck Bed Liner. Let’s go ahead and get rid of both of those reactions by being proactive in our truck bed protection. You’ve been grilled time and time again about protection, right? Why not wrap up that truck bed too with a liner that will not just keep her safe from dings and dents but also make using your truck bed more enjoyable with padding...and ridges & grooves.

Man-Crush Truck Bed Love

Do you love your truck more than just about anything in this world? I mean, except for your mother, right? Then why don’t you have that truck bed wrapped in a protective layer of rubberized material? You wouldn’t risk damaging your rig each and every time you throw something in the bed, would ya? I didn’t think so. Then it is time for you to get on it and purchase a truck bed mat or liner. And we’ve got a variety of excellent options here at Midwest Aftermarket.

Why do I need a Truck Bed Mat or Liner?

Two reasons, broseph: corrosion & scratches. Yeah. No matter how careful you are, without the proper protective layer, scratches, dents, and dings are going to occur. And even if your Steel truck bed is galvanized, once you slice through that top layer, corrosion can occur. Mats and Liners prevent any damage from ever happening, since the protective layer separates your gear and equipment from your metal truck bed. But if you really want full protection, you are going to need a liner that protects the bed floor but also the sidewalls and bulkhead. This will make sure that anything sliding around in your truck bed isn’t going to damage the walls either. One of the biggest reasons why resale value goes down is damage to your truck bed. While scuffs and scrapes won’t impair the function of your truck’s bed or your ability to haul anything, they do significantly lower your truck’s value. So basically you need a mat or liner to protect your truck’s resale value and to make your truck look sweet. One bad scratch and you’ll regret not using protection.

Pure Function: Truck Bed Mats

If you are looking to go with the economy option, look no further than Truck Bed Mats. Whether you’re shopping WeatherTech TechLiner & Underliner (huge fan, btw!), BedRug Impact (rugged or affordable? Both please!), or Access Bed Mats (durable on a budget), you are going to get added protection from dents and dings in your truck bed. Now, I know what they say: “Today’s aluminum truck beds are just as strong if not stronger than yesteryears’ steel beds.” And while I haven’t had any chemistry since my high school days, I can’t help but be a bit of a skeptic. Regardless, if you’re rockin’ old school steel or brand new aluminum alloy, these Bed Mats will prevent any scuffs or scraps from ever impacting your truck’s bed.

A Class of Its Own: BedRug “Classic” Custom Fit Truck Bed Liner

While we have a complete breakdown of two excellent Mat offerings from BedRug in our Product Center, the OG Custom Fit Truck Bed Liner from BedRug just has that little something something that makes you take a second look at her. Can’t be sure if it is the feel of the BedRug, especially when you’re up in the truck bed crawling around on all fours, or if it is the way the liner wraps the sidewalls and bulkhead, but the Custom Fit BedRug really is a cut above. If you aren’t worried about those vertical parts, check out the Impact and XLT Bed Mats.

A Complete Liner: DualLiner

Looking for a full liner that you can install yourself? Not into the carpet thing? DualLiner offers an excellent option for DIYers that is custom cut for your truck’s bed. The best of both worlds, the DualLiner has a mat to protect your truck bed’s floor and side wall pieces, as well as a tailgate protector. The whole kit and caboodle can be installed without any drilling (or minimal drilling if you want to secure the tailgate piece for some heavy duty loading and off-loading).

Durability and Lookability (a.k.a. Badassness)

While protection is a must, the look and feel of your truck bed mat or liner is also very important. As you browse the various top-notch options we offer here at Midwest Aftermarket, keep in mind the aesthetic elements as well. While most of these protects offer great protection, it may come down to which you like most. Do you like the carpet-like feel of the BedRug and XLT? Think having a full liner, like DualLiner offers, makes truck beds look sick? Just want a simple mat that you can toss in and forget, like Access or WeatherTech? You have all the best options when you’re shopping with Midwest Aftermarket.