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Truck Bed Storage & Toolboxes

Stowing and Going

We all know that you’ve got a lot of sheat. Maybe you’re still in denial about it all. Trust me when I tell you that everyone around you knows. You’ve got more than enough crap to store in your truck bed and cab. Now that we’ve established this well known fact, it is time to do something about it. Plain and simple: you need a storage solution. And we’ve got your stowing and going options covered in spades. The question isn’t whether or not you need Truck Bed Storage and/or a Toolbox. The question is which fits your usage.

Front Loaded: Traditional Toolboxes

Many customers have seen these toolboxes before. And there’s nothing wrong with these toolboxes. There’s something about tradition and being tried and true, so to speak. If you are looking for a regular ol’ toolbox, WeatherGuard, UWS, and DeeZee have some great offerings. Most of these boxes have their own locking mechanism and are made of metal for that rugged look.

Easy Tool Access: SwingCase

But let’s say you don’t want to go with the crowd. Maybe you don’t want to have to hop up into your truck bed to get tools out all the time. Perhaps you have a tonneau cover and want to add on a toolbox without having to replace the truck bed cover. SwingCase is your answer. This specialized truck toolbox fits at the end of your truck’s bed and swings out over the tailgate for easy access. It fits easily under most tonneau covers, and provides exceptional storage for tools and other valuable gear. SwingCase has a locking system just like traditional toolboxes, but it also has the added security that it isn’t nearly as visible, especially if completely hidden beneath a locked tonneau. Since UnderCover launched their SwingCase, it has been one of our top sellers in the toolbox department. We really can’t say enough about this innovative design, but in case you want to put that to the test, read our full review here.

Mover Extraordinaire: the BedSlide

So this is one of the best products I never knew I absolutely needed. Thinking back over all the times I have moved myself and my family and my friends and random strangers over the years, I wish every single truck I’ve owned and used had had a BedSlide installed. If you are loading and unloading gear, boxes, furniture, and other large items regularly, or heck, even once in a while, get one of these and thank me later. The stock BedSlide Classic can handle upwards of 1,000 lbs. That’s a lot of Uncle Ruckus’ boxes loaded with “vintage” magazines, if you know what I mean. All kidding aside, imagine if every time you go to load or unload your truck with anything at all, you no longer have to get up into the truck bed to get it off. You just slide that aptly named BedSlide out the tailgate and easily pick up whatever you loaded without having to stoop down or jump up into the bed. This storage solution is a back saver and a knee protector. Your body will thank you in the long run. And it makes your life so much easier. I really couldn’t recommend it more, except I have, so you can read the full laud and honor review here.

Ultimate Storage: DeckedThought we were really drooling over the BedSlide? We were. But we drool ever more heavily and fervently over the Decked Storage System. Or… Think maybe that came out wrong, but you get what we mean. Decked transforms your entire truck bed into two massive tool boxes with locks and adjustable trays. Talk about maximizing your space, with Decked, it’s almost like you have two truck beds. You can still store whatever you want on top of the Decked box, just like you normally would, but underneath is hidden storage for everything from expensive tools to firearms. Doubly secure, each tool box drawer can be locked within the Decked system and is impossible to access when your tailgate is up and locked. Since each Decked drawer slides out beyond your tailgate, your stowed gear is incredibly easy to access. Now if only we could find a way to have a Decked Storage System underneath a BedSlide Classic? Get on it, enthusiasts! Want a more in depth look at Decked? Read our full review with sweet pictures here.

What’s Right for Your Storage Needs?

This one we’ll leave up to you. If you have a tonneau and want a toolbox, that SwingCase is an excellent accessory. Looking to start your own moving business? Save yourself some time and some back pain and order up a BedSlide. Need to store even more than a traditional toolbox can hold but still want full access to the entire length of your truck bed? It’s a win-win with Decked. No matter what you decide you need, Midwest Aftermarket has all the best stow and go solutions for your truck’s bed.