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Wicked Wheel Performance Billet Compressor Wheel Holset H2E WWH2E

Dealer Part: WWH2E

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Our new line of Billet Wicked Wheels - WW2 Series - now have Superior Surge Protection PLUS PERFORMANCE! The only name that matters in aftermarket compressor wheels - the Wicked Wheel® has a new design and we now have an entire line of compressor wheels for Ford, Dodge and soon Chevy. Check out our new wheel line below and expect only the best. When you make the best there is no such thing as competition.

Our testing involved multiple wheel configurations of blade numbers, dimensional changes and pitch adjustments before coming up with the absolute best results for each application. All of our Wicked Wheels® are designed to fit in the existing compressor housings with no modifications needed.You will experience extreme increased performance and boost, superior surge elimination over the original cast wheels, reduced EGT's across the board, and faster spooling.



  • Greatly Improves Throttle Response

  • Increased Horsepower

  • Lower EGTs

  • Easy Installation - no modifications needed

  • Increased Boost

30-day money-back guarantee
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Wicked Wheel® 2 comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 90 days and covers any damage that may have been caused in the manufacturing process.

Since there is extensive testing and quality control on the product – including balancing of each individual piece – our product does not typically have a warranty once installed in the turbo.

If it looks visibly damaged before installation or if it won’t install correctly onto the turbo, are things we will typically warranty and take care of.

 Installation damage, integrity loss before installation (was it dropped?), ingestion concerns, internal bearing or seal issues, and other turbo conditions that also cause wheel failure are not covered under warranty for this product.

 There are no returns on “opened” (void seals and shrink-wrap) wheels that were purchased incorrectly for the application.